Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New found love for this hair product.

I have just been dying to post about this since I tried it, and literally haven't found the spare 5 minutes to write more than one little post a day - but here it finally goes! So, from a sheer whim and impulse buy when I went shopping once I decided to try something new, and a little different with my hair. It's coming up to winter, typically the time of dry, weak, uninspiring locks, and I will do literally anything to get that healthy shine gleaming off of my hair. I am now incredibly glad that I found this...

That's right, jasmine. No, I don't just casually get some jasmine flowers and rub them all over my head - that would be weird! I actually just bought a bottle of jasmine oil to use while washing my hair. It's the secret behind the amazingly lustrous, shiny hair that all Indian women posess, they have been using it practically forever, and you can see why. I visited India earlier this year and I would swear that every Indian woman, including the children, had gorgeous locks, and jasmine oil was constantly being touted as the miracle behind it.. Admittedly, I was a tad dubious about putting oil on my hair, thinking that surely an oil would only make it greasier - logical, right? - and therefore held off buying it while I was there.. Then while in the local Asian food market, in the middle of a crazy spice-buying high, I spotted the jasmine oil and just thought 'what the hell'. It took another few weeks to pluck up the courage to use it though.

When I did, I was pleasantly surprised. As I already said, winter is traditionally a tough time hair-wise, so any product that will carry my hair through the harshness of the weather at this time is very welcome. This is going to do a lot more than that. Since it is an oil, literally the tiniest bit is all you need - put a few drops in your palm and run your hands through wet hair after your usual shampoo/conditioner routine, then rinse out thoroughly. And I mean thoroughly. Once you're certain you've got it all out, and you're done washing, dry and style your hair as normal, then notice/admire the soft, shiny hair you have acquired. It has literally made my hair silky-soft, and has given it a really reflective shine, so all in all I am impressed.

Basically, the gist of this post is that my new product obsession is jasmine oil. Now, run out to your local Asian market, or google-hunt it.. it is totally worth your while! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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