Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Just something I threw together for college..

This is another case of stylist's block, clashing with the pathetic half day of college that is my Wednesday - it just doesn't feel worth the effort to go all out because barely any of my friends see me, except in class before I dash off home. That said, I still put in a little effort.. I still want to look my best pretty much all the time! The shorter day & drawing a complete mental blank on what to wear simply meant that I stuck to wardrobe staples today, and didn't try anything too outlandish..

Jumper - H&M; Shorts - Blue Miss; Grey Socks - Primark; Navy Socks - H&M; Shoes & Ring - New Look; Necklace - Rock N Rose; Earrings - TU at Sainsburys.
I actually love how simply I threw together this look from easy-to-wear staples, which really proves their wardrobe value. This jumper is absolutely gorgeous, not just for the chunky cable knit look and flattering style, but because it is literally the cosiest thing in the world. It also looks pretty cute with denim shorts, and the double layered socks just add a bit of interest. They're also a little flash back to last winter, because long socks are still cool for this season - and why wear one pair when two is so much more interesting, and warm! You'll notice that I'm back in the flat shoes after two days of heels for college.. this was a little attempt at practicality since I had a driving lesson straight from college, and driving in heels is ridiculously hard. I can do it though - just not test-passing-level well! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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