Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tally ho!

After reading Susie Bubble's post about the Ralph Lauren Rugby Tweed Run yesterday (well, it took place at the weekend, I just only caught up yesterday) I felt seriously inspired to work some farm-girl chic - especially after seeing the photos from the event! Check out Style Bubble here for a serious tweed extravaganza, and to see the inspiration for today's belated homage to the Ralph Lauren..

Blazer, Shirt & Boots - H&M; Shorts, Socks & Ring - Primark; Tights - New Look; Earrings - Topshop.
A slightly strange light here.. but moving past that, you'll see I have dressed for the country club today. I had been contemplating doing the double with my tweed pieces for a good while, but I didn't have the guts to do it, despite watching it become one of the hottest fabrics for daytime. Then, like I said, I realised I had missed the Ralph Lauren Rugby Tweed Run, and missed out on a top notch day out cycling around with others dressed equally beautifully, and I decided to go for it. I am glad I did - while I did feel like I should be off on a hack with my fellow horse-riding friends, I also felt quite de rigeur and standout. Dressing smartly never hurt anyone, and as one of my friend's said, tweed is very Chanel. Score. I got a couple of compliments on my outfit too, which only goes to prove that she who dares, wins. Every time I step outside the box and try something a little different, I get complimented, but playing it safe never gets me as much attention. Basically, you know you're doing something right when people are commenting on you.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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