Saturday, 26 November 2011

Let the Christmas shopping commence.

It's officially under a month until Christmas, so it is only right that I got myself into gear and started buying presents for people today. Unfortunately, instead of hitting town at 9am as soon as the shops opened (like I like to, so it is quieter) I had work this morning, so my first attempt at gift shopping was highly stressful - so many people! And I left my bank card at home, meaning I was only left with whatever cash I was carrying (not much).. yet another stressful occurrence. However, the trip was pretty damn successful as a first go. Today I wore..

Top - H&M; Cardigan & Ring - New Look; Shorts - Blue Miss; Tights - River Island; Shoes - Topshop; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Necklace - Rock N Rose; Earrings - Primark.
This was a case of come home after work, throw on clothes, dash off to town - yet again, thank goodness for my extensive, adaptable wardrobe. I simply cannot stress enough how much I love the compatibility of all my clothes.. Anyway, today's objective was to be warm, casual and comfortable for braving the shops, all of which were achieved by this outfit, especially the uber-cosy cardigan! I am also a little in love with the necklace - it is literally gorgeous and adds a quirky edge to the entire ensemble. Oh, and no comments on the hair. It was up from work...

But of course, today wasn't just successful because I managed to get dressed & go out, I was a girl on a mission. A mission which is now partially completed. I have bought the first part of my Mum's present, and my granny's - but no pictures, that would kill the surprise factor! Of course, you know me well enough that when I go to town I cannot resist spending money on myself, and despite limited funds I made a major purchase.

I had had my eye on this gorgeous 60s-style coat in New Look for ages, but had been putting off buying it because it was a little expensive, and I already own 4 coats - so I deemed it an unnecessary purchase (I know, unusual of me) and managed to walk away from it in the shop time and time again.. Until today, when they had seasonal offers going on and it was 30% off. I let myself try it on, and upon seeing how flattering, cosy and simply cute it was, I gathered together my remaining money and let myself buy it. Crazy. Now I can't wait to wear it out - I know what I'll be wearing on Monday!

Since the coat took the remainder of my cash, I didn't buy anything other than the presents, and it (well, except for a good hot chocolate in Costa..), but that's not to say this is over. Urban Outfitters had recently had a 20% off everything event online, and I may have gotten sucked in.. Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite shops to go into, even if I never ever end up buying anything, because it stocks so many little concessions, as well as books, cute homeware and even CDs, as well as having an incredibly relaxing atmosphere. Even though you don't get the atmosphere online, I still loved the feeling of actually getting something from there - and my items came in the post today. Good times!

First up, this amazing khaki cutout shirt dress. I was drawn to it instore because it is such a simple, yet striking piece - perfect daywear. However, the slightly ridiculous (in my opinion) price tag put me off.. however, when it was on sale at a much more reasonable price I couldn't say no. Even after the splurge on the Versace dress, I can always use another dress. I will readily admit that it looks a little shapeless on the hanger, and when on a belt is necessary to stop me looking drowned in it, but a simple skinny belt is enough to make the dress perfect.

I didn't stop at the dress either.. Once I get started, I'm off! You probably know by now that I absolutely adore socks & tights, and since it is the season of the multiple sock (to prevent frostbite) I have been stocking up on cute pairs. Ankle socks are especially cute with ankle boots, or platforms, and I honestly had been searching for the perfect pair for a little while, when I found these two. Firstly, the metallic glittery pair were simply too awesome for words. Picture them with 70s-esque platforms, with or without tights, and a party dress - Christmas party perfection. And with the next pair of socks they had me with 'fairisle', then made my day by making them ruffled. This harks back to my knitwear obsession, I think.

So, all in all today has been pretty good. A successful Christmas shop, and more beautiful additions to my ever-expanding wardrobe! Roll on payday, and the next shopping trip! Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. ooh I like that tartan dress, and that coat is gorgeous!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!


  2. thankyou both for commenting, I can't wait to wear it all! xox