Saturday, 12 November 2011

Fashion Confession.

Okay, okay, I'll own up to the fact that this week's statement is less of a confession, more like sharing a dream not yet achieved..

I've never been to a single fashion week.

Not shocking, I know. Especially for a 17-year-old student living in the complete back of beyond. But I have been watching the fashion weeks taking place worldwide, from the relatively local London Fashion Week to thousands of miles away in Tokyo, with equal parts jealousy and lust. I am increasingly envious not only of the insane outfits, incredible style and the originality of every show, but also of just being there. I can only imagine how amazing it feels to be surrounded by the style elite, including designers, bloggers, models and celebs, soaking up outfit ideas and basically breathing fashion. Oh, it's the stuff of dreams. It's highly unlikely that I'll make it to any in spring either, the run up to exams is disappointingly more important. But one day, one day I will indulge my dreams of doing 'the big four' and going to London, New York, Paris and Milan fashion week one after another! Possibly followed by Tokyo. 

Right now however I must content myself with cyber-stalking the runway shows on blogs & gazing awestruck at the beautiful things the designers are showcasing, while admiring the painfully chic frow (front row, obvs) and trying to steal fashion tips. Somehow, it'll be enough. At least it is not like fashion shows are the only places to get inspired, or models/celebrities are the only style icons, you can find style inspiration everywhere you go.. even Somerset. You've just got to remember that all the world is a catwalk. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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