Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I did it - the coat has seen the light of day.

I went back into college today (yes, for my slightly useless half day) after yesterday's sick day, and decided that since I was still ill, it was cold, and it is nearly December, I would break out the closest thing to a coat I own. It felt slightly strange and I did feel incredibly bulked up, but it was actually quite nice to be all cosy and to have pockets. Hm. Practicality is not all bad. But it won't stop me wearing whatever I want, whatever the weather may be. It just so happened that 'coat' was how I felt this morning as I dragged myself up and at it..

Coat, Top & Tights - New Look; Shorts - Blue Miss; Boots & Socks - Primark; Earrings & Necklace - H&M; Ring - Rock N Rose.
Yes, today was another simple day outfit wise, just a quick, cosy combo of classic denims, a floral cut-out top, chunky tights, boots and a coat - but perfect for a half day at college followed by a quick cinema trip with mother dearest. (we are like besties too, I swear) So yeah, today was just a basic one, made up of wardrobe staples layered up - an effective way to fight the winter chill & still look good while you're out and about every day. Not that I'll be this crazy-sensible every day, my outfits will still fluctuate depending on my mood! But for today, I felt sensible, warm and wrapped up in the first official coat day of this season. Now bring on coat number two.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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