Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tis the season to be jolly! (nearly)

It's official. The Coke ads are running. They've been selling festive treats for months already. We're edging into December.. It's nearly Christmas! It took a day out of the mill of college, combined with yesterday's blissful realisation that there is only 4 weeks of term left, to make me notice that the festive season is literally almost upon us. It was just the kind of pick-me-up I needed on a day when I was off ill (eurgh) and also got me in the mood to hunt down some seasonal threads...

Yes, this is a continuation of my 'Things I Need In My Wardrobe' posts, but since I can't remember what number I got up to, and it's been a while since I did one, this is essentially going to be a Christmas post. It's a tad early, but hey. One thing I seriously want for the Christmas festivities (besides snow, cake and presents) is an uber-cute Christmas jumper. The kind you traditionally get as a kid, hand-knitted, printed and so kitsch it's unreal - you might call them naff, but I think they are literally the best thing to buy to get you in the spirit of Christmas.

£38, Topshop
To ease you into the seasonal mayhem, this simple, snowflake-print jumper is wintery perfection. It would be ideal to throw on on any given day to add a Christmassy twist to an outfit, either going out of just dossing around the house on Boxing Day for example. But this isn't exactly what I'm looking for, I was thinking of something a lot bolder..

£35, ASOS.
Now, how festive does this make you feel? Makes me want to start singing Christmas tunes at the top of my lungs even looking at it - just imagine the giddy excitement I would get if I actually bought it. This would literally be the perfect Christmas pick me up - love.

£25, Boohoo.
This is a bit of a subtler take on the Christmas jumper, but is no less gorgeous for that. For one, it is reindeer-print, and for two it has amazing sleeves. Plus the £25 price tag makes it even more attractive...

£40, ASOS
This is literally exactly what I was looking for. I'm not even joking - for once I have found the ideal piece within about 20 minutes of looking.. ASOS, I love you. I adore the cute Christmas prints, especially the reindeer (sweetest things ever) and the little yellow stripes which add another dimension to the colour palette. Oh, who am I kidding trying to analyse this? I just want it.

This is a bit of a short Christmas jumper hunt, I kind of broke it off after discovering the ASOS one that I fell in love with.. Anyway, I hope I have whetted your festive appetites and gotten you craving the seasonal knits like I do! My knitwear obsession is unreal at the moment. And looking at these jumpers while trying to be entertaining as I type is only making it worse.. Not that I can exactly afford another jumper right now - especially since it is the run-up to Christmas and I need to spend most of my next payday treating my nearest and dearest to gorgeous gifts. But if there's any money left over after the present bonanza, I know exactly what I'm going to treat myself to.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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