Sunday, 13 November 2011

Star Style Obsession - Natalia Kills

Yet again I've gotten out of sync with my style obsession posting, apologies for being my disorganized self.. Anyway, just to add to the general confusion and sheer randomness that this post will be, I'm gonna have to change the format a little. No longer can I simply gush lovingly about a celebrity while analysing their style on the street and at events.. oh no. This girl deserves much more. That and the fact that my favourite photos of her are less to do with actual clothes etc, but more to do with fashion as art. 

Natalia Kills is that up-and-coming girl that is being called 'the new Gaga', and you've probably heard some of her (insanely catchy and awesome) music - at least Champagne Showers with LMFAO. But I don't think this is enough to cover the coolness that she embodies. She may go for all out theatricality with her looks, videos and style, but that doesn't make her the new Gaga. 1 - nobody will ever replace Miss Germanotta. 2 - Natalia is not the same as Gaga. Her style is fashion-forward, more-is-more and incredibly arty. Every appearance is a chance for self expression for Kills, and her videos are pure genius. But enough rambling, see for yourself...

Okay, so here I can talk about the clothes because she's at a public event. I'm applauding her bravery for a leather jacket & leather skirt combo (but disagreeing on moral grounds), she's not one to do things by halves. I love her hair too - updo + full fringe + red lip = fierce.

Another appearance, and some more artfully laddered tights. Wishing I could make ladders look intentional like her, I just look awkward and clumsy.. Anyway, I officially love the oh-so-now fur jacket, especially the contrast it provides, and the cross print tee is just the right side of edgy. But it's the sunglasses that steal the look her, they are incredible. Want, want, want.

If the skirt wasn't leather this would be almost toned down.. Black and white seem to be Natalia's go-to colours, and I can understand why - she looks striking, stunning and totally stands out. The baby-pink lipstick here adds a little pop of colour and the updo is again simply fierce. Her attention to detail is faultless, every aspect of each look is considered.

Out on the street and still working the signature black, white & leather combo - achingly cool and edgy, especially with the chunky shoes and statement hat. Something else I adore about this look is the hair, the short, sharp cut really suits Kills.

Now we leave the realm of style snaps and delve into her promo shots, music covers and general coolness..

Every element of every image contains artistry. Her outfits are individual and edgy with a faultless attention to detail - statement sunglasses, jewellery and shoes teamed with ripped tights, leather and black everything give a truly individual mix of the tough and the feminine. There really is no other word for Natalia Kills than fierce

Some of these shots were from photoshoots for her album/single covers, others are from videos and the last two are the actual album/single covers and so they have all been carefully composed, which is what made me say that this is mostly about fashion as art. But in my world fashion is art, it is another way of expressing yourself, your personality through colours, textures, shapes and the image you present to the world - this is something Kills just embodies, she personifies art to me. The fact she is beautiful and striking to start with doesn't hurt. Have I mentioned how much I want to be her?

Basically.. I. love. Natalia. Kills. Even her name is amazing. And she hasn't limited herself to music, she has set out to become a true artist, a style icon and an individual. If you stalk her, like I have a little, she has also created a set of videos called 'Love, Kills' which are amazing.. youtube them. Oh, and if you haven't watched one of her music videos, your eyes have not truly seen. Oh what the hell, here's the video that inspired me to make such an obsessed post about Natalia..

Now go get her album, keep your eyes on her style and expect to see a lot more of Kills in the future.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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