Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Star Style Obsession - Karen Gillan

She first stepped onto my radar as Amy Pond in Doctor Who (love that show!) where she wasn't exactly a style icon - her character's look was more casual separates thrown together than high fashion. However, when she started attending public events and just basically getting some attention Karen Gillan's natural style genius became evident.. Everything she wears has a cute, quirky charm about it, and don't even get me started on how much I love her hair. Basically, this girl always manages to look good, while pulling off things that shouldn't work on a pale redhead, keeping on top of trends but maintaining her individual style - the perfect balance. Here are some of my favourite Gillan looks..

Kicking off with a piece of outfit perfection here, Karen looks simply stunning. That rust coloured lace dress suits her complexion so well, and the black accessories frame it nicely - while her hair and makeup look typically gorgeous.

Casually accessorizing with The Doctor here, when you tear your eyes off him it is totally worth it for the beautiful dress Karen is wearing.. Again, the colour is perfect on her, and I love the way she has given the look an edge by opting for boots rather than heels.

I absolutely love this look, it is trend-driven but still oozes Karen's signature sexy-edgy-cool style. Not many people could pull this off, especially the midi skirt and ankle strap shoes combination, but with her effortlessly cool attitude and one very sexy fringe this girl makes it work easily.

Working a neutral lace dress here she looks very sweet. I especially love the orange ankle strap shoes, and am jealous they don't just make her legs look stumpy like they would on me!

I adore this colour on Karen, the way it contrasts with her porcelain skin and gorgeous red hair is so striking and beautiul. The little elephant detail is also incredibly cute, and those black shoes are a perfect, if safe, match for the dress.

This look just screams quirky and thrown-together-but-still-look-amazing. All the elements are amazing separately, and then when put together look even better. I can't stop looking at that teal bag, and just how gorgeous are those booties?

Despite this being totes impractical due to the lack of tights in winter, I love this off-duty look. The dress is just too cute, especially when matched with that jacket and those absolutely amazing quirky sunnies - this is basically off-duty perfection.

God I'm jealous of her legs. And she doesn't half like to show them off! This dress is another quirky piece, and on paper I would be a bit unsure about brown stripes and flared elbow length sleeves.. but once again Karen makes it work with her amazing hair and killer confidence.

The most recent look I've chosen, this off-duty outfit is perfect for autumn days and will carry you through the dull autumn evenings too! These staples, like the coat and brogues are simple yet gorgeous, and you know I can't resist a good collar..

Oh isn't she beautiful? I literally want to be her. And have her wardrobe. It's just so versatile, stylish and a little offbeat, which makes her a total style icon - she dresses like an individual while remaining bang on trend. If I could look half as good as Karen I'd be happy forever, and if my innate style sense was as genius as hers I would never have to worry about what I wear again.. I also have serious hair envy going on for her gorgeous red waves. And the fact she always looks flawless in photos. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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