Friday, 18 November 2011

Lightening up my look.

Another week has rolled to a close (college wise at least) and I am now left with just a 7am work shift followed by my mum's birthday celebrations tomorrow, a much-needed lie in on Sunday and more homework than you can shake a stick at! But today isn't over yet.. It's a pretty big day too - children in need! The concert was yesterday (my personal highlight = GAGA!), and the full marathon show is currently playing in the background as I type. At college today I will admit to not really being in the spirit outfit wise - shame on me - but I did buy a cake and give money to people I saw with buckets. Especially the one person who dressed up as Mr Blobby. Kudos. Now here comes my shamefully non-charitable, non-pudsey-ish outfit for the day.

Jumper, Tights & Necklace - New Look; Skirt & Bag - River Island; Shoes, Ring & Earrings - Topshop.
My knitwear obsession continues. This jumper was a piece I recycled from last year's winter wardrobe, because it is simply too cute to throw away/banish to the back of the closet, especially with the little gold beads all over it and the sweet stripes. In order to make this more winter appropriate I have broken out the knitted tights, in a shade of cream that when combined with a full skirt and ballet pumps made me feel like a winter ballerina. But that's no bad thing. Oh, and these glittery dollies were the perfect pick-me-up - everyone needs a bit of seasonal sparkle! (No, of course I'm not getting Christmassy already.. who do you take me for?) Love and kisses, Tara xox

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