Saturday, 31 December 2011

Au revoir, 2011!

Wow. How has this year gone by so quickly? I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that tomorrow it will be 2012 - my mind is literally boggled. But since it is now the last day of 2011, I can't help but look back on the past year... Cue sentimental reflections and a whole host of New Year's resolutions - this year has been amazing, and 2012 will be too!

I suppose the first thing that springs to mind now is that 5 months ago, on the 1st August 2012, I set this blog up and finally found a release for my fashion obsession. I have been realistic with it I think, I mean I certainly didn't expect to be on the level of bloggers like Susie Lau with thousands of followers and pageviews - right now I am just incredibly proud to have my little band of followers and to have had people commenting. Every comment has made my day. I am also proud that I have stuck with blogging, and dedicated my time to posting something new almost every day (usually when I start things, I get frustrated and give up quickly). It has been 5 months now, and as well as seeing my pageviews go up, I have been able to see my own style develop and hopefully you have too, as well as seeing my writing develop. This blog and these 5 months have decided one thing - I am now more determined than ever to make it as a fashion journalist. I absolutely love writing about fashion, and am determined to make a career out of it. Vogue, here I come.

As well as blogging, 2011 was a year of many other achievements, both personal and academic. Firstly, I completed my AS levels and got 4 As and 1 B, setting me up to do extremely well this year with my A2 subjects and (fingers crossed) get a place in my chosen university - Birmingham. I have also received offers from all 5 of the universities I applied to, and am now in the comfortable position of choosing my top two. On a more personal note, one of my little dreams came true.. I saw Kylie live, front row, she looked at me and smiled.. Yes, I love Kylie - don't judge me. Now my next dream is to actually meet her! I also had an amazing time in India back in April, and then in Madrid in August, so yes, 2011 was an incredible year for me.

Now, looking forward, I can only hope that 2012 will be just as good. Already I have things to look forward to - a trip to Madrid with college in March, my 18th birthday in April, finishing my college study in June and hopefully earning a university place in August. But somehow, the thing that excites me most of all is the sheer potential that 2012 presents. Anything could happen, if I just work hard, take chances and basically grab life with both hands, which is what I intend to do.

It's traditional at this time of year to make resolutions, and I have made a few..

1. Get into Birmingham university by working hard and getting the best grades I can.
2. Still maintain a good work/play balance though.
3. To keep on blogging!
4. Never to wear the same outfit twice.
5. To actually save money for when I am a poor student.

These are my resolutions, what are yours? I hope 2011 has been just as good a year for you as it has to me, and that 2012 is amazing too! Just to wrap up the year, here are my favourite outfits that I have put together - any favourites of yours?

Happy New Year! Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Yay!! You love Kylie! I too saw her live this year but was way at the back :(. I love her!!!

    And yeah I can't believe it'll be 2012 v.soon - I so want it to be my year!
    Happy hogmanay!

  2. Ooh yay, always nice to find a fellow Kylie fan ;) Even at the back I bet she was amazing!
    Happy New Year! xox

  3. Love your year's goals, we share pretty much the same ones!! Happy New Year! xx

  4. And let's achieve them Arden (: Happy new year xox