Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The infinite joys of a day off.

Today has literally been amazing. Numero uno, it was a 'staff development day', aka no college! Therefore I got a lov-er-ly little lie in, complete with reading Alice In Wonderland in bed while listening to Florence & The Machine (combination of 2 of my favourite things). Then came the utter joy of being in the house at 10am, able to switch on the heating and choose to do work as and when I please. And yes, it did happen. Then I got all dressed up and headed out into the bracing December air, off to the cinema with my friend Sherri. Well, firstly I did have to walk the mile and a half to my mum's school, to get dropped at the bus stop, but the less said about that the better.. Anyway, the day only got better - we went to see My Week With Marilyn, which was literally amazing. I already want to watch it again. Then a quick shop, Costa & bus ride home to a cosy warm house. Brilliant day. Here's my wintery best for you all..

Cape & Hat - Topshop; Top (worn as dress) - Warehouse; Leggings - Miss Selfridge; Boots - Primark; Socks - Urban Outfitters; Bag - Tous; Bracelet - Accessorize; Rings - Dorothy Perkins & Primark.
After going literally purple yesterday, and checking the (freezing) temperature outside this morning, I chose to get almost wrapped up, breaking out the serious winter pieces. The cape has emerged from its vacuum-pack bag, where it had been residing since last winter, and I had actually forgotten how much I loved it. Yes, it is last year's statement coat, and therefore has been seen by pretty much all my friends, but capes are not quite over yet! I adore this one - the duffle detail, chic navy colour and all-round cosiness that comes with a slightly more stylish coat shape than your everyday outerwear. I chose to rev it up a bit this year with some almost leather-look leggings (all synthetic, of course, I still have my principles), a bright statement handbag and my *new* beautiful faux fur hat, for a very du jour clash of textures. This hat received a fair bit of attention, and I did feel like I stood out a bit, but that's a good thing - I am an individual after all. An individual with a very warm head. Crazily in love with this hat, and can't wait to wear it again! I also added a pop of colour to an otherwise quite darkly tonal outfit with the dark berry lipstick, again Boots 17 lipstick in Rich, my new favourite..

In a vague attempt to link myself in with the film, I will just say that being so "done" with my lipstick on and a bit of a bold hat I did feel almost comparable to the immaculately made up Marilyn being portrayed brilliantly by Michelle Williams. But of course, I have not achieved anywhere near the level of glamour displayed by the icons of old Hollywood... with whom I am now getting more and more obsessed. Since seeing My Week With Marilyn I am realising more and more that under the glimmering facade they were not as perfect as they seemed, and that Marilyn at least was troubled. That doesn't stop them being international icons, of course. I think I will save my burgeoning screen siren obsession for another day, and another post, however, and suffice it to say that I am in awe of Marilyn Monroe & her fellow vintage movie stars.

Anyway, yes there was a brief mention of shopping earlier - you know me, I can't resist diving into the nearest store when I'm in town! And Sherri was the one who wanted to go into New Look...

Right, blogger is messing me about with this one.. Just ignore the fact it is technically upside down. This gorgeous purple clutch was such a bargain, and finally provides me with a sensible day-to-night bag. I always find that going to parties etc in the evening all my bags are too small - well now I can carry a cute bag that fits all my stuff! And as I wear my cape more I can't wear a shoulder bag too easily, so this is again perfect.

Oh look, what's this? Another unnecessary purchase? Why yes, I believe it is... This was another New Look find, something that I saw, loved, tried on for sheer funzies and then had to have. It looks so cute on, not too long considering it isn't technically a petite dress, and my wardrobe was lacking both a good red dress and a good lace dress. I believe buying this counts as what they call killing two birds with one stone. That and the fact that it was gorgeous and I wanted it led to another bout of impulse buying - the bank balance is really taking a hit this month! Good thing it's Christmas soon, the chance of money from relatives is always a good thing! So that was my beautiful day off - back to college again tomorrow.. joy. Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I really love this cape! Is it terrible that I have never actually read Alice in Wonderland? I've seen several versions of the film but I'm sure that's not the same at all. What's your verdict on the new Florence album? I haven't listened yet. I really need to get on with that.

    Laura x

  2. I love my cape too! And in my opinion, yes it's a little terrible - Alice In Wonderland is basically the book of my childhood! But the Tim Burton film is amazing too - have you seen that? And the Florence album is brilliant, possibly topping Lungs for me, you have to listen to it xox