Sunday, 11 December 2011

I was born in the wrong era.

Don't get me wrong, the 21st century has a lot of good points (technology, vast fashion history to steal from, equality for gender/race etc) but I can't help but feel that I should have been born a little earlier on. Many people would say the 70s or 80s would have been fun to live through, and while I love Studio 54 glamour, those decades just aren't my preferred timeframe. I'll just spit it out. I wish I had belonged to the golden era of Hollywood. Those glorious decades when cinema was coming into its own, creating screen sirens and eternal icons, where it was all about the glamorous image portrayed. The stars of those times are the epitome of style, glamour and celebrity - just how many times do you see a vintage Hollywood look on the red carpet?

Personally, this love of old Hollywood has always existed, but it has definitely intensified this year, beginning with seeing an exhibition of portraits over the summer, and continuing with seeing My Week With Marilyn. Having seen at least part of her story, I now want to see some of her actual films.. and those of other icons. I also harbour a deep admiration of the way the stars were always picture perfect, how the image presented was nothing less than gorgeous at every opportunity, be it on screen, in a photoshoot, or out and about. So much more glamorous than today's celebrities being papped going to the shops in their PJs. And even though it is all so obviously orchestrated, I cannot help but love it. The red lips, the perfect hair, the uber-stylish clothes...

Marilyn Monroe epitomises glamour.

I love the fresh feel here.

A typically Monroe shot - glamorous & gorgeous.
Louise Brooks is another favourite of mine.

I love her iconic bob.

This photo is creative genius.
Elizabeth Taylor - picture perfect.

Sadly we lost her this year.

As Cleopatra.

Jane Russell's famous photo for The Outlaw.

She is literally beautiful.

I would kill for her looks.

Rita Hayworth, making smoking look glamorous.

Pure beauty here.

Jean Harlow posing.

I am obsessed with Lauren Bacall's look here.

A very dramatic Marlene Dietrich.

Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire dancing up a storm.
I think you can probably see the reason why I dream of belonging to this era... You know I am one for being very put-together in my style, and since every element of their appearance was contrived, these Hollywood stars are real style icons for me. But this love is, if possible, even more about beauty than clothes. I simply adore the perpetual red lipstick, flawless complexions and retro-waved hair that comes with the screen siren territory - it is the look of classic glamour, constantly replicated by celebrities. Besides, you know I love a good lipstick. Of course, they might not have been 100% perfect in real life (a crazy amount of editing and re-touching went into every photoshoot), but their image was always faultless. I love the clothes too, from the uber-feminine cocktail dresses like those of Rita Hayworth to the more relaxed clothes like Jane Russell wears above because they all maximise and promote a realistic, feminine figure. And the girls look gorgeous for it. I wish there was more of this today.
So you see, Hollywood's icons are forever our icons because they provide the basis for flawless glamour, and a constant inspiration for fashion-lovers worldwide with their signature beauty looks. I love the element of mystery and privacy that is clear, you never do see them without their lipstick, their perfected images, and would never catch Marilyn Monroe in joggers going to buy milk. I try my best to emulate this, with my constant attention to my appearance, which could seem unnecessary, but I always want to be caught at my best, like my vintage icons. What is the point of dressing up one day, only to have everyone see you looking messy the next? Lipstick is also a mainstay of my beauty look - I wore a different one to college every day this week! - and is the fastest way to look 'done'. So basically, I really do feel like I should have been born into the golden Hollywood age.. I may not have been up there with Elizabeth Taylor etc, but I would have been dressing and acting like I was. Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I have to admit, I loved that era too, the dresses, style and women were so beautiful! I guess maybe in 50 years time people might be saying that about this era though :)!xo

  2. Loved this blog, 150 woah! :) xxx

  3. @Sarah glad somebody else loves it & I really hope our time gets such a good reputation!

    @Jade thankyou! I just love rambling about fashion (:


  4. I feel the same sometimes! x

  5. @kb glad I'm not the only one! xox