Sunday, 18 December 2011

Fashion Confession.

I think we can safely say I am an inconsistent blogger at best, and the plan to make a little confession every week is blatantly not going well. I could make excuses, but that would waste even more time. Let's just settle for agreeing that timing is not my strong point.. Which is why I have decided to randomly bare a little bit more of my fashion psyche this Sunday evening..

I am a terrible shopping influence.

My friends say this when I go shopping with them - they always maintain that they bought more than they intended to because I was there! And it is probably true, because when I see my friends trying on something gorgeous that's a total bargain (at least in my eyes) I will most likely persuade them to get it, whether they 100% need it or not. Shopping is one of my favourite pastimes, especially with friends, and it is all the more fun when you buy things together.. then every time you use or wear that item, you remember the shopping trip and good times. I also believe that my amazing friends deserve to have beautiful wardrobes, so when they find the perfect piece, I don't want to let them walk away from it. Unless they literally cannot afford it of course. But when the money's there, the dress fits, then why not?

Of course, it might not all be totally altruistic. I do assume that most people get the same excitement and joy from spending money and getting new things as I do, which might not be the case. And the joy I feel can sometimes be nearly as good second-hand, so there is an element of vicariously spending through other people...  Also, if everyone else is spending, then it looks slightly better that I am there eagerly parting with my squids too! Basically, what I am getting at here is that I love spending money so much, that if you shop with me you will probably end up a fair bit poorer, but your wardrobe will be infinitely richer... Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Cool post, I do love shopping, it's definitely one of my fave pastimes. But I only really go shopping by myself! :)


  2. I always persuade others to buy, especially becuase I can't ever afford the stuff myself! xxxx

  3. @jules I do shop by myself a lot too.. shopping is just the ultimate in girly pastimes!

    @Becca glad it's not just me!


  4. Shopping is my favourite
    Laur x

  5. @Laur again, glad I'm not the only shopaholic (: xox