Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I like to think I dress optomistically.

After seeing all of the resort collections come bursting out brightly and making me long for even the most pathetic, watery sunshine possible in lieu of the rain, cold and cloud we are currently suffering, I simply had to put on something spring-like to make today a little more bearable. And what feels fresher than wearing light hues in winter?

Coat, Top, Shorts & Shoes - New Look; Tights - F&F at Tesco; Bracelet - Pull & Bear; Rings - Forever 21 & Topshop; Earrings - Topshop.
This new pastel blouse was perfect for lightening the mood when dull hues threaten to draw the life out of me in winter.. It got its first outing today, paired with a lot of other New Look separates (which I didn't realise until just now), for a look that I would much rather be rocking in spring/summer. But no. The ever-present coat had to appear. I just couldn't bear to wear it in the photo and cover up the gorgeous top! I definitely dressed with a little bit of hope, since I wore quite thin tights and only dollies - possibly a mistake when waiting 25 minutes in the rain for a bus, but optomism is necessary in wintery times like these... Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Cute outfit! However, I totally hate all the S/S collections that come out in December. Can't they wait until March time?! We haven't even had snow yet!!!!!


  2. Love this. I completely agree. I refuse to wear lots of dark colours in winter and always try to add some brights... starting with my two favourite coats - postbox red and teal. Really cute shorts and very brave in this cold.

    Laura x

  3. @jules thankyou! but i agree, it does seem a little crazy to be thinking about SS '12 now. although not as crazy as the Pre-Fall 2012 collections!

    @Laura thankyou as well (: those coats sound perfect to brighten up winter! & while you say brave, I may just have been foolish...


  4. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my blog, and I TOTALLY agree with you about Lady Gaga, she's amazing. Also love your blog, and that outfit is adorable!

    Love Ella. X


  5. Thankyou for commenting & following, I LOVE your blog too! xox