Monday, 12 December 2011


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In other news, today was the last Monday of term! And instead of my usual drawn-out, full-timetabled day, I managed to escape by embarking on a history trip. We took an incredibly long coach trip up to Stratford-upon-Avon, apparently to see a Tudor World museum and do some activities - in reality this was a small Tudor house with some rooms with models etc in them, and the activities mainly consisted of taking it in turns to go in the stocks. All in all, not the most useful of trips. But then it looked up.. we finished the 'activities' a good two hours earlier than we were expected to be leaving Stratford, and were let loose! So obviously, since we were in the town centre, Lucy & I went shopping.. Here's what I was wearing for the little excursion..

Top, Blazer & Shoes - New Look; Skirt - H&M; Tights - Primark; Earrings - Topshop; Rings - Forever 21 & Topshop.I actually really liked this outfit, even though it is hardly complex, because the details are very cute. The scalloped collar with ribbon bow is reflected in these bow suspender tights (yes, I love statement tights), which makes it look very put together and done. I also love the fact that the top, picked up in the sales a few months ago, manages to look very du jour because it features the kind of big floral print that is huge in the current resort collections, and making a definitive comeback in the uber-feminine styling that is coming in for SS '12. Wearing florals in winter also immediately lifts a look, as well as my mood! Did I mention it was incredibly cold on our mostly-outdoors trip? Or that it rained stupidly heavily on the way back? Mood-boosting florals were definitely needed.

I believe I also mentioned that we got some free time, time which was of course devoted to shopping.. And I was pretty much destined to buy something when we found a rather large H&M in one of the shopping centre-type areas. H&M is one of my all-time favourite stores - affordable, yet very on-trend at all times. This time I picked up an incredible bargain...

How awesome? I saw several gorgeous things in H&M, then spotted these out of the corner of my eye and immediately zoned in on them. The first pair I touched were my size, so I literally grabbed them and decided to have them right then and there. I did try them on first to make sure they fitted, and suited me, and they did (for the most part). Since I am a very petite girl (aka only 5'0, with legs of around 27-inches inside), and these were made for normal people at least 5 inches taller, they will need a little bit of taking up - but not to worry, my mother and I are well-practised at this. Mum has been doing it pretty much all her life, and I'm getting more skilled at this tailoring lark the more jeans I buy... But anyway, once they have been fitted perfectly to my tiny pins, they will go with so many things! They will also be perfect for day-to-night, dressed down with some chunky knitwear and then dressed up with a cute top and sky-high heels. I have finally gotten into the trophy trouser trend... Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Aww I majored in English and I always wanted to visit Stratford upon Avon! lol. I LOVE your tights, I've never seen any like them before :)

    Mabel Time

  2. so jealous of your school trip!! :p And cool trousers, although I have the opposite problem - I have long pins!!! :p


  3. @Mabel it was quite a cute little town. & thankyou, I love them too (:

    @jules I cannot wait to wear the jeans, just as soon as they get taken up - watch this space!

    thankyou both for commenting and following! xox

  4. just wondering do you ever wear real stockings and suspenders or hold ups? im curious to try them....

  5. I haven't actually tried real stockings.. am now curious too! xox

  6. im sure there will be a post on here when you do! i hear holds up are easier maybe we should start with those haha would make a good article actually pictures may be a bit racey!

  7. Yes, if I ever get brave enough I will post my heart out! But true about the pictures! xox

  8. thats what fashion blogs are for though!!! and do it definately put it on your list haha i expect results after your next shopping trip haha

  9. Haha well you'll have to wait and see... xox