Thursday, 8 December 2011

We are in the Christmas spirit!

It's been a few days since I inundated you with my absolute love & adoration for the festive season, and that's a few days too long in my book.. Especially when I couldn't have been provided with a better excuse than today - the day my gorgeous group of friends and I got our Secret Santa on & swapped prezzies! First Christmas present of the year - woohoo! The thrill of presents buoyed me through the first half of the day until lunchtime, and even managed to make me get up in the morning and get dressed without too much inner grumbling..

Dress - Internacionale; Coat & Tights - Primark; Shoes - New Look; Ring - Accessorize; Earrings - present from a friend.
Although this looks quite simple, finding a coat to go with this dress was quite stressful. Originally in my head I had just pictured the dress, tights, shoes combo and couldn't shake it from my brain, because I really wanted to wear it - outerwear just didn't figure - and then it was so nasty outside that I simply had to find one. This is why the first picture is sans coat, it is how I wanted to look, and the second is how I actually looked. I am quite fond of my blue trench though, it may be a cheapie, and a bit of an oldie, but it is a classic - classic style, classic colour, classic chic. It also fits pretty nicely, nipping in at my waist, unlike my other coats which create a vastly different silhouette. I will just say that what with the fit-and-flare dress, red lipstick and bow-seam tights I was trying to channel my inner Marilyn.. not sure if it came off, but in my head I was strolling around like a vintage movie star. Reality may have been vastly different, but that was the character I was today - screen siren on a casual day (meaning you still don't leave the house without your trusty red lipstick). 

I said there was Secret Santa, and while it didn't remain so secret in the end (we all fessed up to who we had after the presents had been distributed and loved by all), I think it was just what we needed to perk up this penultimate college week. Everyone is getting bogged down in exams, coursework and depressing weather, so a little bit of love goes a long way. I also chose today to give out my Christmas offering to my beautiful friends (whom I love VERY, VERY much)...

Merry Christmas my lovelies! Yes, I continued my trend of cake for gifts, indulging in some intensive baking last night to produce some lush little cupcakes, vanilla & chocolate, iced in white, chocolate, green & red, adorned with edible glitter in silver, white, green, red & gold. Sense the festive colour scheme here. Edible glitter is my new dessert obsession - I believe it was the great Kylie Minogue that said "when in doubt apply more glitter" - and it really made these cupcakes look Christmassy and special. They went down well I think, so I am glad to report that my Christmas present was a success! I decided against actual presents for several reasons (1 - money is tight. 2 - would rather make a big deal about people's 18th birthdays. 3 - I just love baking cakes.), but cake is a good way to show you care.

This is neither fashion-related, nor cake-related, but I just wanted to put this out there - I love my bestie Florence SO SO much, and just wanted to share this beautiful picture of us in the midst of the Secret Santa joy...

Isn't she gorgeous! And I even look tolerable here.. Love you loads Flo! Now just a few little extra comments to be made...

Credits to akikik for the first cake picture and the picture of me & Flo - amazing blogger, amazing friend, awesome photographer. Also just a quick notice of love for all of my friends, you are all brilliant, you get me through the day. In friends, I am coming to include you my little band of followers/readers/commenters - there may not be many of you, but seeing that people are actually reading what I write and taking the time to comment really makes my day! Finally, this marks the official, official start of this festive season for me, so MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. gorgeous photos!!!
    We've got our xmas meal on Monday (our work do) plus I had my first Xmas meal of the season yesterday... am feeling rather festive!! ha!

    And yes, we always confess to who gave what in secret santa afterwards. You're not the only ones.


  2. Oooh I love Christmas food! Festivity is always good, I am definitely feeling it right now..
    Glad somebody else owns up to secret santa too, we just couldn't keep quiet any longer after seeing the reactions (: xox

  3. I'm kind of obsessed with your tights now. They are fabulous!!