Thursday, 29 December 2011

Successful sale-diving.

Only three days ago I was distinctly disappointed by the slightly rubbish sales this year, and determined to avoid them and focus on my wishlist instead.. Well. With much of my wishlist accounted for and (hopefully) winging its way over to me now through the great British postal system, that idea went out the window when a slightly impromptu trip to town took place today. That and the fact that my purse was full of money just begging to be exchanged for gorgeous things.. Since it is definitely still winter and it was raining quite profusely earlier, I went for a more wrapped-up look this morning..

Cape & Earrings - Topshop; Shorts - Primark; Boots & Clutch - New Look; Tights - F&F at Tesco; Gloves - Accessorize.
Well, I say wrapped up.. my top half was definitely cosy in my beautiful cape coat (which is making its second appearance of the winter!), but I decided to take it in a bit more of a smart, ladylike and almost retro direction. Hence the tailored shorts, diamond-pattern tights, knee high boots, oversize clutch and smart gloves - I can't tell you how dressed up I felt! The chic gloves were the element that made me feel most retro-fabulous, since they were my little hint to Audrey Hepburn and that time when no lady went out without her gloves... I did spend much of my time elegantly pulling them on and off though, to get money out of my purse, to try things on and to use my phone, which leads me to question their practicality. That won't stop me wearing them though! I am not going to lie, I got quite a few looks in town - I suppose that the retro gloves, very loud heeled boots and cape had something to do with it? But ah well, this just means my look was a success - I got noticed!

I did mention that today's foray into the sales was a little more successful, and it really, really was. In my opinion I snapped up some real bargains that are also perfect for the coming SS '12 season, and I honestly don't know how I didn't find them on Boxing Day!

My first finds came in Topshop, in the form of some of their gorgeous jewellery.. I had been admiring this fox ring for many months, but the price tag always put me off, so when it was on sale (half price!) I snapped it up. And then I spotted this statement necklace, with its distinctive twisted, almost Celtic design - perfect for adding an edge to any otherwise plain outfits. Topshop, I love you.

 This dress is so stunning, I could probably write a whole post dedicated to it.. and I just might if there is a slow day. But anyway, I found this in River Island, and there was only this single, solitary dress on the rail, on sale from £60 to £25.. I was very lucky that it happened to be in my size. Basically, as soon as I saw this amazing dress I knew I had to have it - literally only the other day I was saying how much I wanted a 20s, flapper-esque dress, and this one just presented itself to me. I literally adore how flapper-girl it is, and how intricate and delicate the beading is. It's this embellishment that makes it look way more expensive than it was, especially the scalloped, embellished hem. I'll stop raving about it now shall I?

After the amazing discovery in RI, I stumbled euphorically into New Look, only to have my excitement increased by finding these stunning shoes - the perfect thing to team with my new dress, as well as many other things, and only a tenner! Shot-GUN.

The last things I picked up were some ridiculously cheap tights from Primark, the mini-dot ones to replace the ones that were mauled by the dogs up at my granny's house, and the circle-pattern ones simply because they look pretty cool.

So yes, I would say the sales have definitely made a better impression this time around! That's not to say the stock wasn't 99% ugly/out of season/just not my thing, but this time I managed to find the diamonds in amongst the coal.. And as if that wasn't enough, the first item from my post-Christmas online spending spree
was waiting for me when I got home.

My incredibly scruffy, battered and well-loved Topshop blazer, a faithful companion of the last 18 or so months has been worn practically threadbare, and is now being replaced by this gorgeous, brand-spanking-new blazer from ASOS. It is very, very similar, only slight differences in the sleeves, pockets and lining are noticeable, and it fits like a glove. I am looking forward to getting just as much wear, love and loyalty out of this baby over the next year or so..

And that's my sale-tastic day for you all! The final announcement to make is that I am getting a little broke again.. good thing my paycheck just came through. But while I will miss the fleeting security of knowing I had hundreds of squids stashed in my purse, I am going to enjoy my new purchases so much more. Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. oooh nice work in the sales! I love that ring and the shoes. I also love your clutch in that first photo! xxxx

  2. Thankyou Becca (: I love the clutch too - it's so roomy and still looks good! xox