Friday, 30 December 2011

Fashion Confession

I frequently suffer from stylist's block.

Or at least that's what I call it when my little mind can't seem to conjure up a decent outfit. When I just end up standing in my room, wardrobe doors thrown wide open, drawers pulled out and possibilities littering the floor, and deciding I have nothing to wear. It's like a writer staring at a blank page - it is not that I lack the components of a good outfit, just the inspiration..
I have whined, moaned and generally complained about this complete mental blank many times when trying to explain what led me to create some of my more 'eclectic' looks, because they are produced with even less planning than my usual ensembles. On a good day, I will have had an idea the day before, then fleshed it out at some point in the previous evening/in the morning while showering and simply have to locate the pieces I want. But on a day when stylist's block strikes I literally cannot put the items together, and end up grabbing clothes in a last minute frenzy, relying on sheer instinct. And then really hoping it works.

I only thought to make this confession today because another, less common strain of stylist's block struck me down today - one that might have to be renamed blogger's block. Like usual I opened my blogger tab, read the new entries on blogs I follow, commented on a few and got generally up to speed with it all, then went to compose a new post and simply froze. I haven't been out, I haven't bought anything, no celebrities are greatly inspiring me right now... I got nothing. So in a vague attempt to pull myself together and write something, I decided to share one of my greatest afflictions (with a bit of a nudge from Becca I'll admit - credit to you dear). Sincerely hoping this isn't too personal/boring/unrelated to style. FASHIONFASHIONFASHION. There, now nobody can say I didn't mention la mode.. Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
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  2. love all the outfit posts. theyre great
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  3. @Francesca thankyou :) I will go take a look..

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  4. love the pictures of the jewelry and all those outfitsss. so cute
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    much love, alex

  5. thankyou! :) Love your blog, you're so creative. xox