Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Hold on to your hats...

My heart just palpitated again. You may recall the level of insane excitement I reached when I saw that H&M were teaming up with Versace to release a collection celebrating the iconic designs of Gianni & Donatella... Well, just now I found out there is going to be a cruise collection, dropping on 19TH JANUARY. My only question was could it live up to the first?

This drop isn't based on the iconic designs/patterns, it is something new altogether, which is quite exciting! I immediately hunted down pictures and made my pick of the collection, although whether I will be purchasing any pieces is another matter.. Here are my favourite pieces from this new cruise line..

I sense a little bit of a fruit theme running through here... I have to admit, while the first, iconic collection beats this one hands down (it was always going to be hard to top) I do love the fresh feel of the whole line. It's just effortless summer chic in a handy, capsule-style nutshell. I can totally picture myself chilling on a beach in the super-cute fruity bikini, or strolling around the shops in style in pretty much any of these pieces - they are making me ache for summer days. My favourite thing in this drop is those gorgeous blue, fruit-print shorts which just scream summer. And at £24.99 I think I could afford them too.. We shall have to see, come January.

One thing I will say.. Not everyone gets to go off on a glamorous cruise holiday in January, Donatella! I'll be stuck at home in England, which is guaranteed to still be averaging about, oh, -2 degrees. Therefore, if I buy any of your bright, fruity designs I will either have to layer them up until they vanish under my warm stuff, or just sit at home stroking them. Either option is hardly satisfying. Which is why the shorts are my favourite - a chunky knit & some cute tights would sort these out for colder days! After that little moan I will admit, however, that there is something quite refreshing about seeing these light, bright prints and colours in winter.. oh now I'm confused. Do I love it or hate it? Annoyed or in love with it? Gah.

Since they don't drop until January I guess I have a few weeks to decide just what I think, and whether or not I will try to get my paws on yet more Versace. I think how much I get paid/get given for Christmas will have an effect on this, since my mental wishlist of clothes is already pretty darn long.. Anyway, this is the next (and final!) Versace for H&M drop - so what do you think? Oh and one final thing, apparently a collaboration with Marni is the next thing on the cards for H&M. It's official. They are the ultimate high street store for fashionistas. Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Eep! I'm dying over the fruit stuff. I can't wait for this stuff, but I'm not going on any cruise in January or...ever???

    Mabel Time

  2. I love the earrings and all the cute prints! Those shorts are so cute! xxxx

  3. @Mabel it is super cute - but I'm not getting a cruise either! guess we will have to wear the clothes and pretend...

    @Becca I know, they're so sweet and summery!