Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Just call me Mrs Claus.

Okay people, it is now only five days until Christmas. FIVE. I think I am bubbling over with anticipation. That and the downright smugness of knowing I have bought and wrapped all of my Christmas presents, and won't be participating in a Christmas Eve panic-buying session. Which also increases the anticipation - I can't wait to give my gifts and make people happy (hopefully) by showing them just how much I care. At least it's only five more days to wait until my loved ones (aka my wonderful parents) get to unwrap their presents.. Which were admittedly only completed today, on the final Christmas shopping trip. Here's what I wore to dive into the busy realm of Christmas shopping..

Jumper - H&M; Jumper Dress (underneath) - ASOS; Tights - River Island; Socks - Urban Outfitters; Boots - Primark; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Hat & Earrings - Topshop; Necklaces - New Look & Rock N Rose; Rings - Primark & Parfois.
I was taking no chances today. I decided to double-jumper myself, then add in my chunkiest cable knit tights, fair isle socks, some serious boots and then top it all off with my beloved faux fur hat. This all resulted in a very snuggly-warm Tara whilst walking around town in the December cold. I also find that layering up in winter is the best way to keep warm, while not resorting to covering your favourite clothes up with a giant coat.. My favourite part of this look remains the gorgeous hat - I wish I could wear it every day because it is just so cosy, and finishes off a winter look so well. I'll be unspeakably sad to pack it away in summer..

Today's shopping trip was shorter and slightly less fun than usual since I am sticking by my little personal challenge of not buying myself anything until after Christmas. It had seemed so easy up until now, when resisting the siren call of the checkout meant that while on the computer I could only browse the pages, not click 'Add to shopping bag'.. Being at home and away from temptation made it seem simple. Then I went straight into a town centre full of my favourite shops, and I have to admit I nearly cracked. There were so many things I could easily have snapped up and added to my wardrobe, so many new gorgeous pieces out just in time for Christmas that were just calling my name, telling me that they could be mine if I just handed over my overused little debit card.. But I didn't. I only bought my remaining Christmas presents, and as a result I now feel very virtuous indeed. Never mind the fact that I am already planning what to buy with my Christmas money (which I am hoping will add up to a lot), right now I feel super smug and proud of myself.

After returning home with my presents, I decided that today was the day to get them all wrapped up and looking festive & gorgeous. So I waited until my mum was out of the way, then set myself up in the living room with everything I needed to wrap, some super-cute paper and the obligatory bows, ribbons & gift tags..

I may have gotten a little overexcited with the wrapping, but isn't the paper just too cute? And anything bright and shiny is a winner with me, hence the bows and ribbon. I will, however, be the first one to put her hands up in the air and admit that her wrapping skills leave a lot to be desired. I'm getting better at it.. but you can definitely tell who wrapped them. My mum's wrapping will be neat, clean and tidy, whereas mine are more than a little scruffy. But it's the thought that counts... Now the only question remaining is who is getting all of these lovely, haphazardly-wrapped presents? Oh, and did I mention it is FIVE days to Christmas?! Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Oh my goodness, this post has got me all christmassy! I have struggled with feeling festive this year. As much as I don't want it to snow, i think i need the snow! Thank you so much for the lovely comment, wishing you a FABULOUS christmas and a happy new year! xxxxxxx

  2. Yay - I was hoping to spread a bit of Christmas cheer! I have been feeling festive for ages, and would love some snow to be honest... Thankyou for commenting, MERRY CHRISTMAS! xox

  3. These are cute photos!:)

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  4. that cable knit sweater is sooo cute!





  6. Awh thankyou all (: it makes my day to see such nice comments! xox

  7. You definitely wrap presents better than I! I'm dreading it, I'm terrible at it. I love your wrapping paper and your wintery hat :)

    Mabel Time

  8. I love the sweater and socks!

    But I'm the complete opposite when it comes to Christmas. I hate it. Urgh... :/


  9. @Mabel aw I'm not sure I do, but thankyou! It's like a standing joke with my family how terrible my wrapping is... I love my hat too (: xox

    @jules thankyou, they're so cosy! I can't believe you hate Christmas though, it's a beautiful time of year!