Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Beauty Review: Cupcake Face Mask.

Today I decided to attempt my first proper beauty review, since I tried a totally new product and thought it would be fun to post what I thought. Now, I'm no practiced beauty blogger so just bear with me while I give it a bash!

As suggested by the title, for my first stab at the whole reviewing malarky I have chosen to road test the Cupcake Face Mask by LUSH. Lush are unashamedly one of my favourite purveyors of cosmetic/beauty/smelly stuff and I have been known to go into the shop simply to smell the new products. It was of course one of the stops on the Christmas shop, even if all I bought in the end was this gorgeous face mask for myself! I lingered around said face masks forever trying to decide which one to pick up. I have very awkward combination skin, so pretty much all of them sounded like they would do some good to my face, but finally made my decision when I saw that the Cupcake mask was good for 'teenage skin'. Well, I've definitely got that...

My first comment is just going to be on how much I love the scent of this! Literally as soon as I popped open the little pot the room was bathed in the smell of mint chocolate cupcakes... Heaven. I can actually still smell it a little bit on my skin now, which is keeping me happy. Good work, Lush team. It was also pretty easy to spread evenly on my skin - it had a nice consistency where it was just runny enough to smother my face in it, but not runny enough to just slide off. Like all face masks, it did feel a little weird when it was drying and hardening, and tingled a little bit, but that is to be expected. Anything minty makes your skin tingle, and that just means it is working. Once the ten minutes of chocolate-scented pampering were up, this face mask washed off quite easily with warm water, again a bonus. I have had some face masks that are simply impossible to get off, but this one just needed to be rubbed off with some lovely warm water.

After discovering that it was easy and comfortable to use, we move onto the effects.. did it do any good? Of course with most skincare products you don't really see a difference with one use, but you generally can with face masks. And with this one I most certainly did. Aside from the generally clean, fresh feeling that comes with having a good old cleanse to remove the impurities of our toxin-ridden lives, I found that immediately after my skin felt very soft and clean, as well as quite hydrated - which I wasn't expecting.

Overall, I would say that this product definitely lives up to all the expectations I have of any Lush goodies - to smell good, feel good and work well. I am deeply impressed by the gorgeous scent and the impressive benefits after one use, so the Cupcake Face Mask is definitely going to become a permanent fixture in my beauty cupboard! Well, fridge. If you go out and pick this little beauty treat up, remember to store it in the fridge because it needs to be kept chilled! And I would totally recommend that you do get this, for a little bit of holiday-time pampering, either for you or a friend. If the whole 'teenage skin' thing means that this mask isn't suited to you, then I am sure that one of the others in their amazing range will be - just go in store and take a look. Finally, just for sheer funzies and because I have some kind of desire to humiliate myself in cyberspace, here's a lovely little shot of me enjoying the pampering..

Aren't I LUSH? No pun intended, I promise... Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I think this mask should smell very well :D
    Hihihi, maybe We can follow each other ? :)

    Big kiss and Merry Xmas !

  2. Oh it does! Can't wait to use it again (: I'll go have a look at your blog now.. Merry Christmas! xox