Saturday, 24 December 2011

Post-Christmas wishlist.

It seems a little Scrooge-ish to be eagerly waiting for Christmas to pass just so I can shop again, but I can't deny it, I am. That said, anyone who's read a few of my recent posts knows I am literally buzzing for Christmas day tomorrow - 1 more sleep, people, 1 more sleep! It's just that after the festive excitement is over for another year, I have given & received my presents and eaten more chocolate than humanly possible, I will finally be free to spend my money again. It may have only been 12 days, but for me that feels like a lifetime. To get me through this tricky time, I will admit to compiling a small mental wishlist, much like a Christmas list, but packed with the items of clothing/accessories I am lusting after and probably would have already bought if it weren't for this little no-shopping challenge (and lack of funds). Realistically I know I cannot afford all of these gorgeous pieces but a girl can dream...

£50, ASOS
My beloved Topshop black blazer is one of my favourite pieces and it has served me well over the past year and a half ish, but even to my eyes the well-worn-and-loved vibe it gives out is now just becoming tatty-and-overused, so the time has come to replace it. This ASOS blazer is simply gorgeous, and very similar to my own, and I am seriously considering treating myself to it.

£40, Topshop
While the ASOS piece is pretty much perfect, I get the nagging feeling that I should stick to Topshop for the sheer quality. I love this black ponte blazer, from the rolled up sleeves to the little mock pockets, but I can't help but feel it would be too long for me...

£36, Topshop
Another ASOS-Topshop face off here.. I love anything embellished, and have had my heart set on a scalloped, embellished top for quite some time now, and this Topshop lace top is simply stunning. I can already tell it will look amazing with so many things, either dressed up or down. Want, want, want.

£49.50, ASOS Salon
But then ASOS Salon threw this little beauty into the mix. It is possibly even more gorgeous with the mint-green hue and beautiful silver embellishment.. It is just the wearability and price tag that are swinging this in favour of the Topshop.

£26, Topshop
I saw these in store in Topshop maybe two or three weeks ago and literally fell in love. Leaving them behind was one of the most tremendous shows of willpower I have ever given, and they immediately went down on my 'after-christmas-when-you-have-money' list. There is no question, these shorts are mine.

£8.50, Topshop
At the same time as I resisted the shorts, I also resisted these tights. You know I love tights, and when I saw these on the mannequin in store I really wanted them. I meant to put them on my Christmas list, but forgot, so now I am putting these firmly on the wishlist. I just can't get over how much of a statement them make with the contrasting sides!

£12, Topshop
While cruising the tights page on for the other tights, I chanced upon this gorgeous pair and decided they were simply too cute. I know, I know, I don't need any more tights, but these will be perfect to cheer me up in January!

£8, Accessorize
I have been looking out for some good gloves for a long time, because I originally wanted some leather-style driving gloves, but non-leather of course. Unfortunately all I can find is real leather and genuine suede, but these from Accessorize just might be close enough to what I want. They are wool, so all man-made, but come in a retro, driving glove style with the cute buttons and edging.

£28, Dorothy Perkins
This cardigan is so Chanel it hurts. And I love me some Chanel. I adore the monochrome colour scheme and chic edging - and I will need something besides my trusty blazer to keep me cosy when the winter-spring-summer transition finally kicks in, which this cardigan is perfect for.

£8.50, Dorothy Perkins
Another thing I can never have enough of is rings. Especially oversize cocktail rings. Don't get me wrong, I love all jewellery, but the perfect ring excites me in so many ways. I love the classic cocktail style of this DP ring, and the mustard colour is just gorgeous and luxurious.

£22, River Island
Collars are another recent obsession of mine, and this embellished one has stolen my heart. We will all need a bit of sparkle once Christmas is over and summer seems like an eternity away, and I really can't think of anything more suitable than this for glitzing up my daily wardrobe.

£20, River Island
I have had my eye on this for a while actually, but never plucked up the courage to buy it, and then the weather simply got too cold. Now that we might finally start heading out of winter again, I'm trying to develop my transitional wardrobe and this would be ideal. I simply love the almost Versace-esque print, and I love faux fur.

£24.99, Versace for H&M
Speaking of Versace... These amazing, summery shorts are my personal favourite item from their next (and final) collection for H&M, and while they don't drop until mid-January, I will definitely be putting aside some cash for them. I just know they will take away any winter blues that are hitting.

£10, Temporary Secretary
The final item on my wishlist (so far) is less of a trend-driven piece, and more of an it's-too-cute-to-pass-up item. Temporary Secretary is a bit of a new discovery for me, and while several bits and pieces are on my Christmas list, I just couldn't make a wishlist without including something from there. This cream tart ring is one of my favourite things on the site because it is just so sweet and original - the kind of detail that makes an outfit unique.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my wishlist. Well, everything I am wishing for right now. I am sure that when I actually hit the shops I will see a million more things that I adore, but these are definitely the things that are playing on my mind right now. I don't even want to add up how much it would cost to buy all of these things, because I know it will just be painful, but that won't stop me lusting after them...

The next time I am going shopping is Boxing Day, straight after work, which I realise is brave since town is bound to be heaving with bargain-hunters stalking the sales, but I am visiting relatives the 27th-28th December, and simply cannot wait until the 29th! I hope that everything I want is in store, because delivery gets expensive, and I will of course be making use of my beautiful NUS card to scrounge some discounts where I can.

I was also wondering what you guys all think.. which pieces would you go for? 

Anyway, it is probably time I shut up now, and stopped daydreaming about clothes and shopping (which is probably a sign of a dangerous addiction to it). It is most likely that I won't be online tomorrow, since it is Christmas Day, and I reserve the right to spend the whole of it unwrapping presents, eating myself silly and generally having fun with my parents. So I'll say it now... MERRY CHRISTMAS!! It means a lot that you've been reading my blog, and I hope you get everything you want tomorrow - have an amazing day! Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I love the Topshop top and Dorothy Perkins cardi, so chic!


    Elle ღ

  2. so many lovely things! your blog is nice!:D

  3. @Elle I think I may have to order those two tonight! (:

    @M and C thankyou so much :)