Tuesday, 27 December 2011

And the shopping ban is broken!

I'm quite proud of myself. Two weeks without shopping, without buying clothes for myself.. that could be a record. But of course, my challenge was only to wait until after Christmas - so straight after work on boxing day I was out in Taunton, Christmas money in hand and wishlist in mind. Typically, a lot of the things I actually really wanted weren't in store, so I will have to order them online and pay the delivery charges too (grr), but I didn't do too badly. I also refused to let myself get sucked into the sales, because I know all too well that if I start sale-diving I will end up spending all of my money on things I wasn't really looking for (and are probably a bit last season) and not have enough money for the things I really want. Aren't I sensible? Anyway, here is my rather haphazard outfit from yesterday, thrown together at the last minute..

Coat, Shorts, Tights & Shoes - New Look; Top - H&M; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Ring - Topshop; Necklace - Temporary Secretary.
Like I said, a bit of a last minute one, but it could have been a lot worse.. I stuck to a more natural colour palette mostly, then juxtaposed it a bit with the incredibly unnaturally purple bag. The star tights were just a fun way to add some interest to an outfit made up of very simple separates. The best part of the look though, in my humble opinion, is the Temporary Secretary binoculars necklace - it's nice, it's different, it's unusual..

After hitting Topshop like there was no tomorrow and discovering that pretty much everything I had wanted from there wasn't in store, I dashed along to River Island and managed to get my paws on this..

I had been eyeing up this River Island shawl for many a week, which is why it made it onto my wishlist to begin with, and when I saw it with plenty of money in my purse I just couldn't say no. I love the almost Versace-esque detail and gorgeous faux fur trim - it's perfect for layering to transition into spring (which I hope is coming soon). After RI I tried Dorothy Perkins, but to no avail. Oh, they had the cardigan I wanted, sure, but only in a size 10 or 14. Both of which drowned me. So I continued on to Accessorize, with a bit more luck.

I was originally after the red wool gloves with buttons and edging, but then I spotted the purple pair with their adorable little bows and decided they were just too sweet. Again, I did really want vintage-style driving gloves, but every pair in every shop were real leather - so I'm just glad this wool pair were around because they have a similar style, especially with the edging. This ring was a bit of an impulse buy, but for £3 I just couldn't say no. This is the kind of ornate cocktail ring that adds an edge of class and intrigue to an outfit, day or night, and was basically too gorgeous to ignore.

And that was all I got my hands on in town, but I will admit to making several orders online when I got home.. I now have the shameful feeling that my Christmas money has already been spent. Within two days of Christmas. Oops. I may even have gone over into this month's pay - which I haven't even got yet. Wow. And there are still things on the wishlist, as well as a month's worth of random shopping, Costa trips and general expenses of life. With all this considered, I'm wondering if the challenge was a good thing. Yes, I didn't spend any money on clothes for two weeks, and I'm pleased with myself for that. But as soon as I was allowed to spend I went a little crazy, and spent more than I care to tot up right now (I'd need another vodka to face it I think). Anyway, now all I am going to do is eagerly await my items in the post, and I bet they'll be worth it. Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I am loving that shawl!! I thought the sales were rubbish this year!!


  2. no stockings? lol

  3. @jules can't wait to wear the shawl, but I'm not sure it's quite mild enough yet - grrrr. & I was disappointed by the sales too! such a shame.

    @Anonymous must have slipped my mind...