Saturday, 17 December 2011

The first day off..

Okay, so I may have taken the freedom of the holidays too far. I just have to throw this out into cyberspace, in the hope that the residual shame will encourage me to be better for the rest of the holidays.. But anyway, after a brilliant night last night at a friend's 18th birthday party (brilliant, despite the fact that 17-year-old me remained stone cold sober since it was at a pub) I didn't emerge from my bed until 2.15pm today. I am putting my shame face on. And now as one of the first productive acts of today I just wanted to share my party-time look from last night..

Dress, Shoes & Clutch - New Look; Blazer & Earrings - Topshop; Tights - Primark; Bracelet - ASOS; Ring - Parfois.
This is the first time this new red lace dress has been broken out, and I really liked it. Comfortable, cute and easy to dance in, this one's a winner. Plus the bright red colour not only makes me stand out, but is inherently festive, which I love. I wasn't particularly adventurous with the accessories I will admit, choosing to frame it with black, black, black and a purple clutch - but for once I quite like the simpler approach, it lets the dress do all the talking. And of course, at someone else's big night (which an 18th invariably is) you don't want to detract too much attention from them. Now that's what I call dressing for the occasion.

I hope my friend Amy had an amazing night, and I hope she remembers most of it! I'm very jealous of her being an adult now, like so many of my friends.. Oh and kudos to her for getting Jack Flash, a local band, to play at the party - they were pretty awesome actually and have definitely gained a new fan.

Anyway, since it is now around 5.15, and I have been up for about 3 hours (which is seriously confusing me), I had better just get this slightly garbled post done and dusted, then try and do something productive with the remaining few hours of my day. I just know that if I don't find some motivation and get some homework out of the way, today will disappear in a haze of surfing blogs and watching rubbish on TV/Youtube. Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Love the outfit - I particularly love your dress!


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  3. @Erika thankyou for commenting, I always check out other blogs so I'll go take a look now... xox