Saturday, 10 December 2011

Check out my hectic life.

And I say hectic with only the slightest hint of sarcasm. Having stayed up doing coursework for many a night, only to hand the draft in, get feedback and be told to carry on drafting, the easing of the workload I thought would happen downright hasn't. Part of me assumed that teachers would get some Christmas spirit and stem the tide of homework that is threatening to drown me (or at least my social life), but apparently not - and I bet I will get holiday work too! The homework plus the fact that I am out at college from 7.40am to 5.45pm most days including journeys, leaves me with very little time other than weekends. It's not just college making me busy, I work basically whenever I can (or as often as I am needed), while trying to fit in blogging, some kind of social activity and even a little bit of sleep. I think the evidence for the busy schedule I keep is that since this blog started (a few months back in July) I have posted every day, minus the days I was on holiday in Madrid, but yesterday I simply did not have time. 

So here comes the catch-up of yesterday...

It was Friday, chilly and the end of the penultimate week of term (yay!), and yet again I had suffered from stylist's block..

Jumper & Skirt - H&M; Top (underneath) & Earrings - Topshop; Jacket & Shoes - New Look; Tights - Primark; Rings - Forever 21 & Parfois.
Continuing with the trend of layering up my separates when I draw a mental blank, I wrapped up a little in a peter pan collar top, jumper & coat, only to suffer chilly feet in my dollies. Sensibility still escapes me. As you probably know, I have a thing for tights and yesterday I decided that black ones just wouldn't do with such a monochromatic outfit, dredging up some purple ones from the back of my tights drawer. And I am pretty pleased with the result - the bright tights and lipstick lifted the whole look, and in my opinion made it work. I bet you're now thinking that this wouldn't have taken long to write yesterday, but I was actually out last night at the Christmas show by my old gymnastics club Spirit and didn't get in until about 10pm, then decided upon a rare early night. It was amazing to see everyone last night, and the routines were all brilliant. I resisted the urge to jump in and see if I could still do some moves.. Hope to see everyone again soon, I miss you!

Now that tomorrow has been caught up on, here's what's going down today. As Christmas is fast approaching (15 days people, 15 days!!), the entire clan of us - okay, Mum, Dad and I - went out shopping to try and get gifts sorted. I split off from the parents of course, not just because I prefer shopping without parental interruption, but also so I could get their gifts without them seeing. If you're reading this my lovely parents, I have nearly got all the components of your prezzies. In all honesty, I have nearly got all of my Christmas shopping done, which is a very organised, epic feeling. Here's my outfit for hitting those shops hard today..

Jumper & Skirt - H&M; Tights & Boots - Primark; Socks - Urban Outfitters; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Necklace - Rock N Rose; Ring - New Look.
To get in with the festive feel I was rocking my sequin skirt today - I cannot express how on-trend it is to be sparkling in sequins right now, and not just for parties. This skirt has yet to make a party appearance, but has been worn in the daytime to add some glamour to my day-to-day style. Dressed down is of course the only way to make this work so that you don't look OTT for a Saturday morning shopping spree, which is why I teamed my skirt with a chunky cable knit jumper and some tights in the du jour print of polka dots, while juxtaposing the girly, sparkly glamour it gives off with some serious, heavy boots and fairisle socks. 

I have to admit something though, this wasn't a shopping trip dedicated to others. I may have gotten a little bit carried away with the spending money thrill and treated myself to some early Christmas presents..

This totally gorgeous little top is from New Look (yes, I spend too much money in there), and caught my eye for two reasons.. One, the beautiful, spring-like pastel colour and two, the £5 off tag. After getting closer I completely fell for the double peter pan collar and cutesy sleeves - this top is leaning towards the uber-feminine look that is coming in, and the light, ice-cream hue makes me think of the current resort collections being showcased by designers. It will just feel so fresh to be wearing light colours in winter.
I also picked up a face mask from Lush (and you can get my opinion on it once I've given it a go), some new makeup and a lemon shower gel. I'm really going in for the beauty-related treats at the moment, and I may even try my hand at some proper reviews of all the new stuff I'm trying. Anyway, I have that mountain of homework to tackle, and work at 6.30, so I'd best be off now.. Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Love your spotty tights. Hope you cope with the work over Christmas. Unfortunately, if it's anything like what I go at university you'll actually have even more of a rush with deadlines in early January :(

    Laura x

  2. Thankyou! I'm thinking it will be crazier over Christmas too - January exams are looming. I can't wait to finish this year... xox