Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I didn't even look in the mirror this morning.

Uploading today's outfit photo was literally the first time I saw how I looked - yes, I was running that late this morning! I overslept, woke up only 40 minutes before I had to leave.. Which sounds like a lot, but when a shower takes ten, makeup takes ten, you have to decide what to wear, you have to pack your bag and accessorize, it really isn't enough time. So this morning I scrambled around, grabbed some clashing clothes, a vaguely practical military coat, threw on some rings and lipstick and ran out the door without even looking at myself in the mirror. Usually I have to know what I look like to the outside world, but today there simply wasn't time...

Top, Jacket, Tights & Shoes - New Look; Skirt - Internacionale; Earrings - H&M; Rings - Rock N Rose & Accessorize.
From a simple lack of time and ideas I gathered together a clashing combo of a spotty, floaty blouse, leopard print skirt and orange-ish tights, held together by a black military jacket, chic nude pumps and a slick of pink lipstick (this time a GOSH lip stain). My favourite part of today's little ensemble was my finger candy - I love my rings to pieces! They were a real mish-mash today.. swallow, rose & scrabble piece. And yes, I still want more rings. Now, gotta dash, my to do list has piled up a little and I am pulling a bit of a late one trying to keep on top of it sinceI am out tomorrow and Friday night! Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. This looks so put together - much better than my impulse outfits!!!

  2. Thankyou, I'm not quite sure how I managed it to be honest! xox