Sunday, 4 December 2011

Star Style Obsession - Emma Roberts

For once, this girl pops up on my style radar for her off-duty looks more than the red carpet affairs - there is something about her day-to-day look that is so effortlessly chic, and all of her outfits are incredibly wearable. I'm also not going to indulge in a major ramble about why I love Emma because, honestly, I do love her as an actress (especially in Wild Child - cool I know), but my first and foremost reason to even like her is her style. Especially when it is so clearly natural.. her daily outfits are obviously not due to a team of stylists, just that fashionable brain of hers..

I said I prefer her off-duty style, but I'm going to kick off with some event looks, because they are still pretty flawless. This one, for example is gorgeously simple, chic to the max, but not dull because she has added interest with the differing lengths in the hem, leather belt & beautiful gold clutch.

I'm a sucker for brights, and it looks like Emma is too. I simply adore the textures in this dress, and the shape and colour look stunning on her. The tonal effect achieved with the lighter blue clutch and darker blue shoes is also pretty perfect - there is no criticising this outfit.

Letting this Max Mara dress do all the talking, the simple hair and accessories are a perfect match. This dress is also amazing, I love the lace detail and black velvet bow.

Red is the classic screen siren colour, and this maxi dress is simply beautiful on Emma. Teamed with gold accessories and an outsize clutch, this look is faultless - I would love to be her right now. My only criticism is that she is hardly stepping out of her comfort zone to achieve red carpet success..

But oh, what's this? Emma's fashion credentials just sky-rocketed! Working a bustier & leggings by Versace for H&M at their own launch party, with some amazing shoes and gorgeous waves. I love how she has been a bit brave here, and totally pulls it off.

This vintage-esque look is amazing, her figure looks perfect here! Not only are spots super-cute, very du jour and a classic print, but here they have been put onto a beautifully cut dress, then worn by a gorgeous girl - perfection.

Aaaaaaand now we get into the off-duty. And my love for Emma's style increases tenfold. I actually wish I owned this red sundress - it is so flattering, bold and beautiful, aka the perfect day dress. Then the unerring fashion sense of Miss Roberts has led her to frame it with black accessories, work an up-do and the mandatory sunglasses, but make it oh-so practical with flats. Finally, a celebrity who wears flats. 

A bit of sartorial trickery is going on here - she has made her already long legs seem miles longer by tucking a very du jour leopard print shirt into some high-waisted jeans. Not for the faint hearted (I would be too scared to try the high-waist denim for example), Emma has pulled this off due to the simple hair and accessories, along with a pop of red lipstick.. remember, red + leopard = classic glam, when kept simple.

You all know I love knitwear, so this look was always going to be a winner for me. Serious knit envy going on here. And bag envy, I also love a bit of fringing! It's the details that make this look - the fringe bag, the compulsory sunnies, the cute flats.. And not only is it a gorgeous look, it is one that I would and could recreate. Emma is officially a pioneer of wearable fashion.

A ridiculously simple look, probably simpler than anything I ever wear, I am seriously jealous of how naturally beautiful Emma is. And I also kinda want a sweatshirt like hers. Not to wear out, but for hanging around the house.. some online shopping is in order I think. I just have to say I love how she seems to dress for comfort as well as style (not that I do...but still), and has an air of cool about her whatever she wears.

So there you have it, Emma Roberts is definitely one to keep your eye on style wise. She isn't the boldest, she doesn't take insane fashion risks, she simply knows what looks good on her and sticks with it. I think knowing what works for you is very important, so we can all take a leaf out of Emma's sartorial notebook. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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