Sunday, 1 January 2012

The start of something new..

I can't quite wrap my head around it, but it is now 2012! And how am I ringing in the new year? In the best possible way (in my opinion). I went to see New Year's Eve at the cinema with two of my closest friends, which was a lot better than I expected - yes, it was cheesy, but it was also hilarious, cute and infinitely feel-good. We then stayed at one of their houses, a night complete with drinks, cheesy board games, pizza, the countdown fireworks and cake & wine at midnight. Brilliant. We then talked loads, had a rather beautiful lie in and went our separate ways to crack on with 2012. Last night to the cinema/friend's house I wore..

Top & Skirt - H&M; Blazer - ASOS; Tights - Primark; Bag - Tous; Shoes & Necklace - Topshop; Ring - Accessorize.
This skirt is fast becoming my go-to item for any event where I want to look just dressed up enough, but not OTT. I love it because it's so sparkly, and it instantly makes me look like I've made an effort. I also decided to road test my new blazer, and I am pleased to report that it is just as good as my Topshop one ever was (which will be going to the big wardrobe in the sky soon), it is comfortable, fits well and is basically the perfect day-to-night jacket. What more could a girl want? Another new piece is my statement necklace, a sale buy that I am pretty pleased with! It gives just the right amount of drama to an otherwise simple top, and manages to look quite unique and edgy at the same time.
There is no better way to kick a new year off in style than with some gorgeous new clothes.. I am very pleased to say that my latest deliveries came through the post yesterday, making 2012 already brilliant. I know, I know, I now have an insane amount of new stuff, but I love new clothes - and surely a new year deserves new things!

My first new buy is this oh-so-Chanel monochrome cardigan from Dorothy Perkins. It's so simple, yet the classic colour palette and shape make it an effortlessly chic buy, perfect for making every day stylish. What makes it even better is that it is from the petite section - meaning it is actually made for people of my height and actually fits properly! I think my blazer may have competition..

Okay, so I will admit to buying these socks from DP just to qualify for free delivery... But still, they are very, very sweet. I love the little bows and cable knit detail - these are perfect for going with boots to keep my little feet warm in chilly old January.

I'll apologise now for the terrible photo.. The light in my room sucks, and also Blogger is just messing with me, uploading it the wrong way around. Sigh. But oh well, these Topshop shorts are still gorgeous! The raspberry colour is literally beautiful, it will go so well with so many things and is just a bit more interesting than the typical blue shorts I already own. My mum's first words when I tried them on were "you'd better wear tights with those", and I understand why. They are ridiculously short. I will have to dredge up some self-confidence and try and rock them like I don't care! They are also not very winter appropriate, but that won't stop me..

And the first thing I'll be teaming those shorts with is these super-cool Topshop tights! I saw them on a mannequin and was instantly drawn to how they are quirky, kooky and just a little bit weird - definitely my kind of tights. I'm not sure everyone could pull these off, I mean I'm not even sure if I will be able to, but they are just too awesome to pass up.

It's official, I love 2012 already. Not only was cake the first thing I ate, but I have ticked a couple more items off my wishlist and have loads of super-cute outfit ideas floating around my head, just waiting to be unleashed when I go back to college. That's one thing that's not so great - college starts up again on Tuesday. Urgh. But at least I will get to see my friends again, and getting a chance to work my new wardrobe will just about make up for the insane hard work and inhumanly early mornings..

Just finally, how has your first day of 2012 been? And how did you spend New Year's Eve? Now let's make 2012 our year! Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I LOVE that skirt! I've just been chillaxing at home, nothing spectacular!


  2. I really like your bag.

  3. @jules thankyou! chillaxing sounds good to me, after today I won't get any free time. Sniff.

    @NRC thankyou :)

    @Irene's Closet thankyou too (: