Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Winter pastels.

Firstly, I would just like to know where 2012 is going. Anyone? Because so far it is flying by even faster than 2011 did - I have literally no idea how it can be February tomorrow! One month down from 2012, eleven to go until 2013 (or the end of the world, depending on what you believe) and I predict they are going to go just as quickly.. especially February, March & April, because exams start in May. Oh dear.

One good thing I have to say about January going by at a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of speed is that spring should soon be upon us, and those gorgeous SS'12 looks will soon be practical. In order to welcome spring into my life, I have been getting in on some of the new season trends, especially pastels (which I am in love with right now) - however I saw something in Grazia that made me stop and think. Apparently the majority of people they asked said it was too soon for winter pastels.. so today's outfit is a little inappropriate then. I am forced to conclude that since I love getting ahead of the style game and brightening up winter, these readers who were asked must be a little bit miserable, and subscribers to the perennial chic-ness of year-long black-on-black. I will continue wearing my pastels with pride, thankyou very much..

Jumper - New Look; Dress - Topshop; Boots - Primark; Tights - F+F at Tesco; Socks - Dorothy Perkins; Key Necklace - Rock N Rose; Apple Core Necklace, Bracelet & Ring - Temporary Secretary.
Okay, so I definitely edged my pastels up with some wintery tights, socks and chunky boots, but the point still stands. Why wait until everything is bright to wear your light, springtime colours? It is so much more refreshing and unusual to wear them in winter, and they are a total mood-booster when compared to the dark colours we usually hibernate in.. Long story short - I love winter pastels. Another thing I love is my apple core necklace. It's a little bit of an unusual one, very quirky, and even more kitsch than I usually go with jewellery but I think it adds a cute detail to my outfit. Plus I got a load of compliments on it, which made my day! Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Dyk? I love my pastel knits!!! Perfect for winter!

    And yeah 2012 is flying past!!! Xx

  2. You look so lovely!
    I love pastel colours! <3

  3. Wonderful photo, I like it!!! This is such a nice post!

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  4. I'm so loving all the amazing outfits you have and soo many pretty tights !
    Lisa xo

  5. i love pastel colours <3 nice outfit :)


  6. aw thankyou all, nice comments like these make my day :) xox

  7. Cute outfit xx Great blog - maybe we can follow each other - check out my fab 200 follower give away x