Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fashion Confession - Material Girl.

This is a bit of a random post really, since I haven't shared my little quirks (or bored you to death with my mundane-ness, take your pick) for a little while. In truth, I've been too busy with outfit posts & obsession posts to throw out some random, text-only detail, but today I have found the time. Well, I say time.. what I really mean is that I am going nowhere today (aside from work this morning) and will not be able to research/resource anything else in between attempting to write a French essay and trying not to fall asleep at my computer.

However, today's musings were not born out of sheer lack of effort & motivation - this confession is something that came to me like a bit of an epiphany this week.

I am probably the most materialistic person I know.

It's probably not news to anyone except me, since anyone who has seen a few of my posts knows I have the slightly shallow life goals of owning designer clothes (and shoes, and bags...) and maintaining my style whatever may happen to me. I am obsessed with fashion, shopping & image in general, choosing never to leave the house without my makeup and a carefully considered, fashion-centric outfit and reading countless fashion magazines in an attempt to be on top of the trends at all times. All of this is not adding up well for me - my entire world appears to be coming down to nothing more than material possessions, and expensive, fabulous ones at that.

My friends will probably agree with this realisation I have had, and tell me they knew a long time ago.. Especially those in my French class - when we had to argue that you can't buy happiness I disagreed, because I honestly think my life would be vastly improved if I owned a pair of Louboutins! One of my aims in life is to get my hands on a pair of those red-soled beauties, along with a Chanel bag, a good amount of Prada, a Mary Katrantzou dress and something by so many more designers that I adore. My friends, while they are mostly interested in fashion and what they are wearing, and all look absolutely beautiful at all times, probably have much less shallow goals..

And I am not saying I don't! I want a good job, to find happiness and to help others (especially children in third world countries), and I realise there are more important things in life than looking good, like my family and friends, whom I love insanely. It is just that I live, breathe and walk fashion, and in our capitalist, materialistic society, with the rapidly fluctuating world of haute-couture and trends, to keep up and keep looking stylish, money must be spent. Also, while the great British high street is full of fashion and gorgeous things (I should know, it is all I can afford), a fashion obsessive like myself cannot help but lust after the creations of huge fashion houses.. Materialism is in my blood - it's a sickness, and I am willingly very ill indeed.

Love and kisses, Tara xox

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