Monday, 16 January 2012

A very long day.

More random moaning about the joys of being a student coming up.. let's get it over with. I had two exams today. Two. Plus isolation, since they originally clashed. Therefore, I was stuck in a room from 9.30-1.00 by myself (well, apart from the invigilator), then moved to another room to sit an exam from 1.25-3.45ish. Painfully long day. Made me very tired, very grumpy, and lacking the enthusiasm to do absolutely anything tonight - hence this small, slightly whiny post. Don't worry, I'll be back to my usual cheery self come tomorrow, when there are no ugly exams to worry about! To tide you over until then, here's my outfit of the day..

Jumper, Shorts & Ring - Topshop; Socks - River Island; Shoes - New Look; Key Necklace - Rock N Rose; Binoculars Necklace - Temporary Secretary; Egg Timer Necklace - Christmas present; Earrings - Miss Selfridge.
I will admit that this is one time I began planning my outfit with comfort in mind, knowing how long I would end up sat in one place for today! I'm not all practicality & sensibility though - the slouchy, loose knit of this jumper, micro shorts and knee socks did not a warm outfit make.. When wearing these gorgeous raspberry shorts, I felt like I had to go slightly oversize and chunky on top, to stop myself flashing too much flesh and looking trashy rather than chic - and the perfect match came in the shape of this caramel jumper. I then decided to rev up my block colour separates with aztec print socks (for a fun touch) and oodles of jewellery. One of my favourite things about this outfit is that the tonal feel is just playfully broken up by the pop of pastel blue nail polish (Barry M in Blueberry Ice Cream). This shade is one of the ones I picked up on Saturday, and I am so glad I did. It is gorgeous, springlike and oh-so-mood-enhancing - the perfect pick-me-up when you have to write for around 5 hours.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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