Saturday, 28 January 2012

Confessions of a shopaholic.

For the first time in about two weeks, I have been shopping! It might not sound like very long, but for me it felt like a lifetime.. I think I was actually experiencing withdrawal symptoms - excessive online browsing, compiling wishlists over and over, falling in love with clothes in magazines and even dreaming about shopping. I kid you not. It's official - I am an addict. Call Shopaholics Anonymous and see if they do house calls.

Going shopping today was very successful (meaning my purse is considerably emptier and my wardrobe a little fuller), and of course it required another outfit..

Shawl - River Island; Top - H&M; Jeans & Shoes - New Look; Bag - Tous; Necklace & Ring - Republic; Earrings - Topshop; Bracelet - Accessorize.
I'm not really channelling any particular look today, but if I had to try and describe my style here I would say fashion gypsy. The faux fur trimmed shawl and slightly OTT jewellery feel slightly traveller-ish, while the wedges, slightly boxy bag and lipstick feel distinctly more stylish, making this ensemble a slightly quirky mash-up. And somehow it works. I'm not sure if it is the tonal quality of the pieces, the fact that fashion itself is favouring those 'anything-goes' looks, or just a hefty dose of confidence as I walk around, but whatever the reason, I'm liking it. (Not to sound totally up myself or anything though..)

I said this shopping trip was a success, so here comes the rundown of my latest buys.. take a deep breath - we are heading into fashion-and-beauty-land & won't be coming up for air any time soon.

My spending kicked off with a bit of a beauty haul, beginning with Rimmel's Scandaleyes mascara. I have been seeing adverts for this forever (starring the gorgeous Georgia May Jagger), and have been sorely tempted to try it out, but I was held back by my long-standing devotion to Maybelline mascaras. Then I walked in to Superdrug and saw this little baby on sale - I was already contemplating getting a new mascara, and my mind was instantly made up. Stay tuned to hear just how good Scandaleyes really is..

And here is where I started to spend more than I anticipated... I had been on the lookout for a new lipstick recently, and had heard the Kate collection for Rimmel was good, so of course I went to check it out. The lipstick I had in mind was a bright, almost floral pink, and shade 02 fit the bill perfectly. Then I got carried away trying out the other shades on my hand and literally fell in love with shade 12 - the gorgeous almost orange-y coral colour is so striking that I had to have it! Now my lipstick collection is edging closer to being complete, and I cannot wait to work these colours with a fierce fashion pout.

Unintentional purchase number two strikes.. I was just browsing through New Look when I saw these stunning coral slipper-style flats. My eye was instantly drawn by the gorgeous colour, and I love the cute shape which feels almost vintage style. They also lean towards the pyjama party vibe that the catwalks were giving out recently, so I think these are going to be my NSBFs (New Shoe Best Friends).

I am a huge fan of the 50s references going on on the catwalk - everything about the era epitomises elegant, ladylike style with a heavy dose of fun print thrown in. The D&G SS'12 collection is currently the subject of a lot of my daydreams... Which is why I was most definitely searching for a new piece that channels the mid-century modern style, and this Topshop sun top certainly does that. The playful, graphically floral print is pure fun, while the slightly corseted style and straps put me in mind of 1950s holiday dressing - perfection.

The final stop on my shopping trip was Primark, where I will openly admit that I got a little carried away. I went in for new work shoes and came out with so much more.. Starting with this belt. I love skinny belts because they add an extra detail to outfits, but was unsure if I could pull off snakeskin. And this is the bonus of Primark - yes, it is cheap and can be poor quality, but if you aren't sure about something and just want to test out a trend then this is the place to go. You can just give something a go, and even if it isn't right for you the wallet-friendly prices mean you won't have wasted too much money. Result.

Another piece I want to test out is a silk scarf, so again I went to Primark for an affordable one that I can play around with. Silk scarves are a bit of a must-have accessory this season, being used for everything from headwear (again harking back to the 50s) and belts to shoes and actual dresses, so of course I had to get my hands on one. I love the classic blue tones and bold pattern of this one, and will be trying to work it in as many ways as possible - just to see how versatile it really is.

My final buy was upon total impulse. This impulse again struck in Primark, where I saw this Gaga top out of the corner of my eye and literally could not bring myself to walk away from it. It was such a bargain, and I love Lady Gaga so much (especially the Born This Way single and cover) that I simply had to have it. I even bought it a size or two too big because there were none in my size, but I wanted it that badly! Besides, tops like this often look better oversized.. that way they can be paired simply with jeans or leggings, or tucked into a high waist skirt or shorts casually. This is one buy that was not trend driven, it was simply down to my small obsession with Stefani Germanotta.

That's the end of my little shopping spree, and looking back it was definitely a good one! Like I said, I may now be lacking in money but my wardrobe just got that little bit chic-er. Which equals a successful day in my opinion. Now, it's getting late so I'd better cut this off.. but what do you think about my buys? Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Okaaayyy if you loved me you would send me that Gaga top like now ;) ♥

  2. @Becca or you could just get on down to Primark and we could match like cool kids? xox

  3. Your new shoes are so cute! The colour and style is gorgeous!

  4. Great outfit! That blouse is really cute and I love your pants! <3

  5. i LOVE Scandaleyes. Makes my eyelashes look really false!! :p