Thursday, 5 January 2012

I'm such a girlie girl.

As you know, I'm back into the swing of college now, so another outfit is coming your way.. Honestly, by half term you will probably be sick of seeing my looks on here! Today was once again inhumanly cold, due to an icy wind, so unfortunately I had to cover up my preferred outfit with a very necessary coat..

Coat & Shoes - New Look; Jumper & Bracelet - ASOS; Skirt - River Island; Tights - Primark; Rings (L-R) - Christmas present from parents, Accessorize & Temporary Secretary.
After yesterday's androgynous double denim, I was in a distinctly girly mood today, so I went way beyond feminine into super cute! This faux cardigan jumper was a Christmas present (as were two of the rings) and I absolutely love it - it's kind of quirky, very ladylike and almost retro looking with the collar detail and sweet buttons. It also works beautifully tucked into my swishy pink skirt, and the circle tights echo the polka dot pattern, while adding interest below the hemline. As far as jewellery goes, I went fairly eclectic today, mixing my metals a bit and basically throwing on some cute pieces. The teacup is very kitsch, if a little impractical (putting my hand in my pocket was basically impossible), but the camera ring is my favourite. I am a bit of an amateur photographer, having taken an AS in it, and I love snapping away, so this is the ideal accessory for me.. 

As I said before, I was kind of sad to cover this up with a coat, so I went for my trusty military coat, and took every opportunity to take it off. I am not going to lie, I am dreaming of summer. It doesn't help that in all the magazines they are raving about SS'12 styles, meaning I am craving warm weather and equally sunny clothes. I am having to remind myself every morning that it is still January, and still going to be Arctic out, so I will need a coat - all the outfits I want to wear are most definitely more suited to March/April than midwinter. Urgh. Bring on the sunshine! Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Cute rings!

  2. love your outfit! so cute!


  3. I HAVE THEM TIGHTS amazing aren't they ;)

  4. I love this outfit and the Temporary Secretary ring is so cute! I know what you mean about summer...I cannot wait! I hate having to think about how cold I'll be, whether I can wear pumps or if my feet will end up soaked etc...

    Laura x

  5. @Meekay thankyou, I love them too!

    @Anonymous thankyou so much (:

    @Becca. I know right, such a bargain & SO CUTE.

    @Laura thankyou - Temporary Secretary is my new obsession.. I can't wait for summer, hiding away in coats is getting severely boring. And I have the same shoe issue, I just end up wearing them anyway and getting damp toes...