Sunday, 15 January 2012

Star Style Obsession - Florence Welch

Choosing a style icon after the incredible Kate Middleton was always going to be difficult, but this week I found myself inspired by someone with a style vastly different to Kate's prim-and-proper look - the queen of quirk, Florence Welch. I say I found myself inspired, and I truly did. I didn't even have to think about who my style obsession was going to be this week, because not only is her album the soundtrack to my life right now, but her performance on Jonathan Ross yesterday was breathtaking.. and she looked incredible.

Florence has been one of my favourite singers since I first heard Rabbit Heart (probably way back in 2009, given how excited I was to see her at T4 on the beach that year..), and my love for her grew as I got obsessed with Lungs (the first album). Now that Ceremonials (the new album) is firmly on my MP3, I haven't stopped listening to it, and I love her more than ever. Which is why I am so glad that her unusual, quirky style reaches over from her music into her appearance - she dresses like nobody else I can think of, and permanently looks amazing. It would be easy to hate her cooler-than-thou appearance as she casually mixes vintage, print, dazzling sequins and her signature fiery locks, but she is just too inspirational!

From head to toe here, Florence is a vision. She effortlessly proves that nude colours can work by themselves, in this gorgeous embellished dress. I also love the romantic feel of the differing hemlines, from thigh-grazing mini to dreamy maxi at the back. Her makeup and hair set it all off perfectly, because they add just enough life and colour to the look to make it work.

First off, anyone who can pull off all white deserves serious kudos in my opinion. I salute Florence for making the 70s trend look dreamy, romantic and dramatic all at once.. and once again that gorgeous hair (this time more of a burnt orange) offset both the dress and her skin tone to perfection. The block fringe also looks amazing..

I'm not sure there are words for this dress apart from oh my God. This is Florence at her best, combining edgy and romantic in this sheer, floor-sweeping dress embellished with hundreds of flowers. I could never make this work, but she does, in her effortless, flawless way. I've got to stop gushing on about her hair, but it is just too perfect an accessory, in whichever shade of fire she chooses to wear it.

Nobody wears a maxi quite like Florence Welch. She always manages to make them look romantic, eccentric and unique, just by putting them on! This look easily could have fallen flat as frumpy, with the long skirt, long sleeves and high neck, but she knows that the sheer fabrics make it work. Well played, Florence.

Another colour that works beautifully with her ethereally pale complexion and flaming locks is bronze - it is almost tonal on her. And just by looking at this outfit I can safely say that Florence is ahead of both the flapper girl and top-to-toe colour trends of SS'12 with this fringed dress and matchy-matchy bronze heels. How does she do it?
I think this is my favourite of all her looks. Breaking out another divine, floor-sweeping dress, Florence made an ethereal appearance at the Grammys. I simply adore the swan design layered on the sheer fabrics because it is dreamy, dramatic and somehow graphic all in one.

Finally, we see Florence in a slightly more casual event look. She looks to be at the height of her eccentricity here, with that graphically (and gorgeously) printed mini-shirt-dress, super-cool hat and carbon-black accessories.

Moving slightly away from red carpets, here is Florence's chosen look for when she sang at a Chanel runway show.. She is Karl Lagerfeld's muse, which cements her place as a fashion icon - not that it needs any other proof than a quick look at all her outfits. This dress is simply gorgeous, and so Florence because it is unusual, quirky and seriously show-stopping. Love the waves too.
On-stage too, Florence's looks are incredibly dramatic and often theatrical. I love the colour of this plum-red, swirling maxi dress, and the way she incorporates it into her movements to make a statement. Seeing her live must be an incredible experience.

Getting more and more casual now, Florence showcases an off-duty wardrobe that is no less quirky, cool and lust-worthy. This is the kind of look I wish I could replicate, from the statement accessories to the simply-paired separates this girl has got casual cool down to a fine art.

There's nobody else who suits vintage quite as much as her. Possibly because her look seems to transcend fashion, trends and time already, a vintage floral midi dress just looks undeniably right on Florence. I love her cute accessorizing with black heeled boots and white ankle socks (too sweet), as well as her dramatic makeup and half-up, flaming hairdo.

Black and gold are a timeless fashion match made in heaven, so Florence's choice of matching a carbon-black outfit with a gold kimono is simply perfect. I also love the updo - it is always nice to see a bit of variety from style icons.

Even at the airport, she manages to look achingly cool and quirky. If the swan dress was my favourite on-duty outfit, this is my absolute favourite off-duty ensemble. I can't pick out a single element I like above all else - everything just works. I am severely lusting after her bag though.

Yes, this girl has style like nobody else. She is unafraid to be original, to dress differently and be exactly who she is, which I admire so much. It is this, plus the air of quirky-cool that surrounds her style that makes her such an icon, and one of my obsessions. Like I said, I didn't even have to think about who to choose this week, because Florence has been playing on my mind all week as one of my inspirations. I am incredibly envious of her hair, but will probably not dye my own locks flaming red because I am just not that brave. I wish I had her wardrobe, because she literally always looks incredible. I also wish I was the muse of a huge fashion designer like Lagerfeld, but I will have to get a little more famous and a lot more stylish for that to happen..(but a girl can dream, right?). For now, I am going to settle for not only trying to emulate her flawlessly eccentric looks by paying attention to detail and not being afraid to wear something that makes a big statement, but also to replicate her attitude of dressing how she wants to dress. Transcending the trends, while still looking incredible deserves major fashion credentials.

So what do you think of Florence Welch? And have you heard her new album? If not, I suggest you go and take a listen, because it is musical genius. Oh, and did I mention I am seeing her live in March? I cannot wait. Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Amazing dresses, I like almost all of them!
    She has a great style! <3

  2. hey sweetie!:) she has a really great style! and thank you so much for the really sweet support! I hate seeing him sad. I try no to think about it too much. X

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  4. @Sandra Leiva she really does! :)

    @Cylia it's no problem at all, just hope you're both okay!

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