Sunday, 29 January 2012

Star Style Obsession - Jameela Jamil

Nothing like a good bit of inspirational fashion to end the week, so here comes another of my personal style icons - Jameela Jamil, T4 presenter extraordinaire with a killer sense of style. Not only is she so gorgeous she could wear a bin bag and look good, she would probably style said bin bag so well that they would become the latest fashion craze. One of the things I love about Jameela is the confidence she oozes in every outfit. She never seems afraid to just wear what she wants, and she never looks uncomfortable in a look she has put together. It is like every outfit becomes an extension of her personality, how she is feeling and is therefore always right for both her and the occasion.

With most of my style obsessions I have been a little obsessed with their music, or their films or their actual day job and have been drawn into loving their style that way. However, with Jameela I honestly haven't got much of a clue about what she actually does as a presenter for T4, and am basing my entire love for her upon her wardrobe. Oh, and her column for Company magazine. Shallow? Maybe. But as a fashion-lover, it's what I do. You don't have to have a complete girl crush on someone to have a style crush.

I'm going to kick things off with her enviable red carpet style.. such as this gorgeous black dress. Whoever says black dresses are boring needs to check this out! The mini-and-sheer-maxi hemline is effortlessly cool and unique, while the little embellishments add interest. My absolute favourite thing about this look however is the tiny pops of colour from both her signature red pout and those neon-yellow nails.

Jameela does black very well, but she's not averse to a good old girly dress either. Of course, she was never going to play it safe with accessories, opting instead for some seriously fierce, mannish heeled brogues that completely juxtapose the floating femininity of the dress. I love the way her fashion risks always pay off, because she has an eye for just how far she can mash up her styling.

The mini hemline is a firm favourite of hers, and it's not hard to see why. Her legs are literally perfect, so why cover them up? This dress is perfect for Jameela thanks to the quirky print, unusual hemline and endless potential for cute, individual accessories like that heart-shaped briefcase-style bag and cute necklace.

I see she shares my love of long socks... And kudos for making them work for cocktail hour. The dark palette and richer textures of this outfit are what keep it cool and evening-appropriate, but the quirky accessorizing makes it 100% cool, especially that hat and keyboard ring. It would be easy to hate her for giving off such a cooler-than-thou vibe with her effortlessly playful styling, but I find this girl simply too fash-spirational.

Another cute hat here, this time loud and proud in cherry red, a shade that is echoed throughout her outfit with the bag and red lips. The bright colour lifts this black on black ensemble, without that red this look could easily have fallen flat. But Jameela recognises this and again uses her savvy styling to make this ensemble a sartorial hit.

Can this girl pull off anything? The answer is probably yes. I am pretty sure that if I even attempted to put neon-yellow shoes with a dark blue dress and cobalt clutch I would manage to look like a reject children's TV presenter, but when she does it Jameela looks nothing less than playful, cool and bang on-trend. How does she do it?

I love a good bit of androgyny, and Jameela is not the only celeb who feels the same. So many have reached for a tux in lieu of a dress come party time, and I am sure many more will. The thing I love most about Jameela's take on the tuxedo however is the mix of textures - she has managed to work in leather-look trousers, a sheer chiffon-y shirt and a sequinned blazer, which is not only party-perfect but totally stylish.

Another bit of casual boy-meets-girl styling here, but the colour palette of this outfit definitely leans more towards the girlish side. Barbie-pink is not for the faint-hearted, so I totally applaud Jameela's fashion balls - it takes guts and skill to wear bright pink and not look like a WAG, let alone match your shoes and lippie to that shade of pink, then top it off with print and a white blazer. The simple fact that she has pulled this off shows that she is no mere mortal when it comes to style.
And here we witness something most unusual - Jameela has broken away from her usual uniform of micro-mini hemlines and stepped out in a dreamy maxi dress. That print is simply divine, and don't get me started on how much I love the thigh split.. only Jameela could take a romantic dress like this and make it instantly super sexy. I think those heels have something to do with it, and that insouciant hot-pink pout.

Looks like Barbie just got a fash-over here. This look is retro, playful and seriously cute! I could talk in detail about how much I love every piece of this look.. I wish I owned those polka dot heels (hello, 50's superstar), that liquorice allsorts jewellery looks cute enough to eat, and her lipstick is amazing (I love lipstick). But the best part about this is that the skirt is actually from H&M - gotta love a celeb who champions the high street!
Military style never looked so quirky. And I don't think many people have taken it seriously enough to actually wear an army hat - but maybe they should! Jameela has the perfect off-duty festival outfit here, it's fun, it's unique, and those boots will certainly hold up in the obligatory festival mud.

Even while out shopping she looks cool. It's a classic shorts-blouse-wedges combination, but like I always say, it's all in the detail. The cute hat and sunglasses are effortlessly chic, while the mint green wedges really rev up her outfit (and I want them), plus the shorts again show off those never-ending pins of hers..

And this is why Jameela is definitely one of my style obsessions. On-duty or off-duty, rain or shine, she manages to come up with gorgeously quirky, wonderfully unique, perfectly accessorized ensembles, without ever looking too try-hard. On top of that, she always gets it right for the occasion, which makes her a real fashion pro in my book. Her outfits always inspire me to try something new, to brave a combination that I am not sure about, because her styling can be full of unexpected items that somehow make the outfit great.

Another thing to love about Jameela is that she has nailed her signature beauty look. Her long hair is perfectly straight and shiny, while the full 70s fringe is practically iconic (in my books anyway), and her luscious locks are nearly always teamed with a slick of bright lipstick. Girl after my own heart - I love lipstick so much that if I go into college without it, people think something is wrong.

Love and kisses, Tara xox


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