Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wave goodbye to your free time..

That's what I sadly did today anyway. Today was the start of the spring term of my second, and final, year at college, which means being thrown back into the world of early mornings, sitting in lessons for an hour and a half at a time and trying not to feel lost, then coming home in the dark only to spend the evening on grammar homework and revision. Or at least that was my day. I'm not going to lie, my only free time comes from blogging - and even that is going to get severely minimised. No more hours discovering my new favourite blogs, and posting at the speed of light. To get me a little more in the mood for college today, I decided to break out some of my gorgeous new clothes..

Top & Coat - New Look; Shorts, Tights & Ring - Topshop; Boots - Primark; Socks - Dorothy Perkins; Scarf - Accessorize.
Let's start with I love these shorts. They are the cutest raspberry colour, fit perfectly (without making my legs look uber-chunky) and are really comfortable - hello, new denim best friends. I am also very glad I teamed them with some layers, since today was absolutely miserable. I got pretty wet, since my umbrella turned inside out 6 times and broke, and the substantial boots, thick socks and gorgeous chunky scarf were basically my lifesavers. Now, just a word about these tights.. They confused quite a few people today, some of whom seemed to think that the black bit was tights and the skin-colour part my legs.. No people, these are just half-and-half tights! And however many weird looks/comments I received and may receive in the future, I love them - they are quirky, unusual and make me stand out from the crowd. I also painted my nails again, if you can see, and I adore the candy-pink colour (it is Barry M in 305 Pink Flamingo) which was a nice pop of colour on such a dismal day.

Possibly to cheer me up, or possibly because I'm just lucky, I arrived home to a surprise today. My lovely, generous mother had been sale-diving for me (even though I'm pretty much broke again already) and wanted to surprise me with some gorgeous jewels from Republic.

Two necklaces, and two supersize cocktail rings. They're all pretty statement pieces, to say the least and are very welcome additions to my expanding jewellery collection (which no longer fits in the box..). I always love finishing off my outfits with jewellery, especially unusual, bold pieces like these because they really add detail and interest to my daily looks. I simply adore the silver and red ring and necklace, because they are tapping into a bit of a SS'12 trend of Indian influences. The huge gems (not real, of course) and worked silver look fit for a maharaja, and are echoing the mini-trend set up by Karl Lagerfeld and his recent Indian-inspired runway shows. The other ring and necklace are no less beautiful though, while they echo more of a decadent, ladylike theme. That giant gold ring would be the perfect accompaniment to my new beaded flapper dress, and the necklace will add an almost Victoriana feel to any simpler outfits. Kudos to mother.

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Don't worry, schoolwork will all be over in a few months and then you'll be free again! Until you get a full time job! lol. Your mom picked up some really great stuff for you :)

    Mabel Time

  2. Love your outfit! Those tights are especially amazing!!

    Fashion Translated

  3. that top and scarf are gorgeous! Not a fan of those tights, though! (I'm probably showing my age here!)

  4. beautiful necklace!

    My Free Choice

  5. gorgeous outfit! lovely blog :)


  6. @Mabel I'm holding out for that freedom.. & yes, she's got good taste!

    @Fashion Translated thankyou (: I like to be different!

    @jules Don't worry, those tights are like the Marmite of legwear, dividing people's opinions to love and hate!

    @Erika thankyou :)

    @sammycx thankyou too!