Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dreaming of SS'12..

I literally cannot wait to crawl out of AW'11, and emerge like a beautiful SS'12 butterfly. I'm not saying that this season hasn't been gorgeous, stylish and full of amazing looks (it so has), just that I have had my fill of it already. Especially when there is such an incredible season of style just ahead. Literally, I can see it, breathe it and nearly touch it.. but every morning I have to remind myself that it is not quite Spring yet, and trying to float around in the new-season trends would only result in a very un-glamorous frostbite. It's so hard to force myself into that 'practical' and oh-so-necessary coat every morning, when the new looks are all around me in magazines.

I had been meaning to post a not-quite-comprehensive guide to SS'12's emerging trends, picking out the ones I in particular will hopefully be rocking, for a little while - basically ever since they began to take shape. But the thing that finally forced me into action was picking up the latest Elle (starring the gorgeous Dakota Fanning) and seeing their Front Row Runway Edit, packed full of stunning fashion. They feature their top trend predictions, plus showcase the best collections from the New York, London, Paris & Milan fashion weeks along with the emerging hair and beauty trends from each fashion week - it is well worth buying, and will provide weeks of fash-spiration. I am not ashamed to say that their brilliant Runway Edit was the starting point for my little trend report, but I haven't totally stuck to their guidelines...

Anyway, here are the SS'12 trends that are my absolute favourites - hopefully my wardrobe will soon be full of these gorgeous looks. I am literally dreaming of vacuum-packing the coat away for another year, and living my life in these styles..


I'm not ashamed to say that I am in the midst of 1920s flapper-girl fever. And I am not alone. So many designers, celebrities and fashionistas are currently harking back to the roaring 20s in their styling that this is set to be a huge trend for SS'12 and possibly beyond. I've named this look 'Gatsby-esque' because one of the main catalysts for flapper mania is the film of The Great Gatsby that is set for a 2012 release - I plan to see it, and am even reading the book for some Jazz Age inspiration. And it's not just the amazing, embellished, drop-waisted flapper dresses that are lust-worthy items (although they are - I'm so glad I've just picked one up), 1920s day-wear, especially tailored suits, sweet skirts in pastel hues and gorgeous hats are everywhere. I'm determined to fill my wardrobe with 1920s glamour - it's timeless, elegant and a real statement.


The next trend I have totally fallen for is print, print print. And I'm not talking subtle, sweet florals here because this season is all about the bold, bright techno-styles. If I'm honest, looking at prints this season was always going to be a great appreciation of my current favourite designer, Mary Katrantzou - Queen of bold, graphic print and quirky shapes. I adore her new collection, which just epitomises the whole 'bold print' look perfectly.. expect to see a lot of her dresses on stylish celebs. Peter Pilotto also used print, and I love his unique dresses. Personally, I love a good print because it really makes you stand out from the crowd - and as a girl on the smaller side, I can get away with bigger, bolder prints, so bring it on!

Mid Century Modern

Another decade that the world of fashion and I are currently in love with is the 1950s - but this time it is being done with an edge of the 21st century, hence 'mid century modern'. Prada and D&G are pioneering this trend in my opinion, with those ridiculously cute fruit prints and retro shapes to their clothes. I might not start rocking a playsuit or bra-top (although you never know), but I feel the need for some fruit print in my life. It's not all about the bold, brash prints though, Rochas and Erdem have tackled the 50s in a more subtle, understated way which makes me think of willow-pattern china with the pale blue and white hues.. The fit and flare shape is also used by them, along with accessories that make me want to throw on a headscarf like Monroe.

Glorious Technicolour

I think we can all remember the colour-blocking craze of 2010/11, where the world fell head-over-heels for clashing brights, and bold colour is still a winner in the fashion stakes. However, come 2012 it has developed. The way to wear your colour is no longer clashy-clashy (although your print should be mixed up), but top-to-toe. A full outfit in one colour, like DKNY's pink and blue ensembles, is the epitome of cool - yes, matchy-matchy is in. I also adore Mulberry's ice cream colours, especially the yellow, green and pink dress that looks like vintage sweets mixed with those fruit pastille ice lollies... I wouldn't go quite as far as Thakoon and dye my hair a bright colour, but their lace-overlaid shirt dresses are perfect. Of course, colour was going to make an appearance in summer as everyone wants to kick of the dullness of winter and dress to reflect the bright natural hues appearing, but why not jump on this trend early - it will feel so refreshing to be wearing brights in January, and might just beat the winter blues.

Uber Feminine

After a season of androgyny and fetish-wear, fashion has gone girly again. And not just girly, the new season look is literally uber feminine - romantic lace, sheer fabrics, pastel colours and gorgeous florals are in abundance, ready to make every girl feel beautiful. I love the feminine direction the designers are going in because there will be a dress out there to make everyone feel like a princess, and also because it means the catwalk shows are the so pretty I can't take my eyes off them. Valentino, Erdem and Dior showcase my favourite girly looks, while Alexander McQueen, Carven, Nina Ricci and Louis Vuitton are also getting their gorgeous, feminine styles out there. I cannot wait to be a part of the prettiest season yet!

Those are my favourite trends of SS'12 so far, and the ones that I want to be rocking ASAP! It would be impossible to pick one look and decide to be 'that girl' every day for the entire season because I change my style every day - but these contrasting, often conflicting trends are perfect for influencing and inspiring pretty much every side of my personality. On princess days I can turn towards the gorgeousness of the Uber Feminine, while the louder part of my personality can pick and choose from Glorious Technicolour, Prints and Mid Century Modern depending on just how bold she is feeling, and finally the vintage siren inside me can be a flapper girl to her heart's content and get Gatsby-esque for evening (and possibly daytime too!). 

This is by no means a comprehensive compilation of ALL the looks I want to wear this coming season, because something incredible and inspiring might sweep the world of fashion. You never know! All I can say for sure is that these are the styles that are currently inspiring me, and that I am dreaming of wearing as soon as I possibly can, weather and wardrobe permitting... Hopefully it will be soon enough that I am not sick of seeing 'SS'12' splashed everywhere, or having to look even further forward to AW'12 (the pre-fall collections are out already..). Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Print is the trend I'm looking forward to the most.


  2. I love these trends, especially uber feminine and gatsby! I love the print one too, but I love it more on other people than be, I don't think I would be able to pull off such bold prints, and instead I stick to sweet florals! xo

  3. hey girl:) I'm glad you like my post! it comes from the heart. X

  4. @NRC Print is going to be huge. Can't wait! & thankyou (:

    @devorelebeaumonstre thankyou!

    @Sarah they're all so gorgeous aren't they! Bold prints can be tricky, I agree, but I want some Mary Katrantzou styling in my life!

    @Cylia love the post, it's so lovely!