Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I should turn 18 every year.

Finally growing up in to an adult may be scary, but on the definite plus side along with being able to do a variety of new, fun and potentially brilliant new things, you get a very good haul of presents. Everyone wants to make it a birthday to remember, and often want to get you things you can keep forever, or just send pretty insane amounts of money. I have to admit, my presents this year were incredible, and I am just sorry it has taken me so long to get around to posting!

1. The New Students Veggie Cookbook
2. My Week With Marilyn - Colin Clark
3. Thorntons chocolate champagne bottle
4. Marilyn Monroe boxset
5. The Barbara Stanwyck Collection DVDs
6. Classic Screen Sirens boxset
7. River Cottage Veg Everyday - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
8. The Big Sleep DVD
9. Cleopatra DVD
10. Emma Bridgewater notebook
11. Passion - Lauren Kate
12. Floral hairclip
13. Voucher for a free luxury manicure at Luci Foreman
14. Topshop Petite lace dress
15. Body Shop Love Etc gift set
16. Swarovski ring
17. Vivienne Westwood earrings
18. Vivienne Westwood ring
19. River Island heart earrings
20. Topshop cross earrings
21. River Island leaf earrings
22. Yumi parrot print tee
23. Elephant necklace
24. Blue feather necklace
25. Roses necklace
26. Butterfly necklace
27. Long beaded necklace
28. Vintage style floral cameo rings
29. Peach schnapps
30. Alice in Wonderland 'Curioser and curiouser' mug
31. Topshop gift card
32. Selection of Topshop underwear
33. Jewellery box
34. Tiffany heart necklace

From this gorgeous selection of presents I think you will agree my friends and family know me pretty well! I absolutely love everything, and can't wait to make each piece a part of my life. I have already worn the gorgeous Topshop lace dress, Vivienne Westwood jewels, Tiffany necklace and River Island leaf earrings (outfit photos to come soon - promise). I also spent my morning off today watching black and white films, becoming steadily more obsessed with Lauren Bacall, Barbara Stanwyck and 1940s glamour. I know, I didn't think it was possible, but my nostalgia is growing.. I have read the books already too, and am bursting with ideas for meals from the two cookbooks. Thankyou once again to everyone for all the presents - I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Obviously, I got a fairly substantial sum of money for my birthday too, and as is tradition I put the majority away to save.. but that didn't stop me going and getting a few little belated birthday presents to myself!

Bag - Topshop 

I have wanted a gorgeous pastel, ladylike bag for ages and this one in Topshop had literally been calling my name.. so when I finally had a bit of money I went and treated myself to it. The colours are literally beautiful  - so impractical of course, but so sweet.

Chain bracelet, cross bracelet, rings - Topshop
Cross earrings - River Island

Jewellery is a bit of a weak spot for me. I can never resist a good sale and the cross bracelet and rings were just such bargains that I had to have them! I have also been eyeing up the chain bracelets for quite some time because they are slightly ethnic, unusual, individual and quite different, so I finally bought one for myself and can't wait to work it. I also picked up these cute cross earrings in River Island - I'm not religious, but for some reason I love crosses..

Purse - River Island

This lip-shaped purse was just so playful and cute that I couldn't quite resist. I love how fun it is, and that bright pink hue is very du jour for SS'12. Also, this has more than a little hint of Lulu Guinness to it!

So that is my amazing haul of presents, so grateful for all of them! Also thankyou to all of you who commented saying Happy Birthday, and just anyone who comments and reads at all to be honest - it always makes my day. 

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep posting!

  2. Happy birthday ;))) you got beautiful gifts :)


  3. You got hooked up girl!! Looks like an awesome Bday to me :)

    xo Rachel

  4. Nice presents you got there! Love the River Island purse as well

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3