Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wanted - Retro swimwear.

Swimwear, blue sky and holiday tips have been screaming at me from every magazine I have picked up lately, so naturally my mind has turned towards the summer holidays and my trip abroad (I'm going to Indonesia this year). With holidays in mind it is clearly the time to start hunting down this year's dream swimwear - all of last year's just won't cut it, and I need to feel comfortable, fashionable and fabulous on whichever tropical beach I hit. With my love of all things retro, I have decided that a vintage, 1950s style costume is the way to go because they flatter your shape and look cute and glamorous at all times.

1. Miss Selfridge - £26.00
2. Miss Selfridge - £26.00
3. - £16.99
4. Topshop - £28.50
5. River Island - Top £20.00, Bottoms £14.00
6. ASOS - Top £18.00, Bottoms £14.00
7. ASOS - Top £20.00, Bottoms £14.00
8. ASOS - Top £18.00, Bottoms £14.00

I have always been a bikini girl, and all of these are so cute that I kind of want them all! I really love the ones with high-waisted bottoms because they are especially vintage style (even if the tan lines would be horrendous). The retro patterns on pretty much all of them are gorgeous, and I love the sweetheart necklines. Wearing any one of these I would feel like a vintage screen siren in the Riviera..

1. Miss Selfridge - £32.00
2. ASOS - £62.00
3. River Island - £25.00

After the torture of swimming for PE in school, I honestly never thought I would want to wear a full swimming costume again, but these retro style ones might just have changed my mind. I love the cute floral patterns and halterneck styles - any one of these would make me stand out perfectly on the beach.

The hard part now is going to be decisions.. I have found my options and as usual have fallen for pretty much all of them. I can't even decide if I want a bikini or a swimsuit! The only way I can start to rule things out is by price - for example I don't have £62.00 to spend on swimwear, so the ASOS swimsuit is out. 

If I was to pick a swimsuit out of the remaining two, I would opt for the River Island one for its cute frills and sweet pink daisy pattern. Well, that was easy enough. But choosing from the bikinis is much more difficult - I adore the River Island one, the high-waisted bikini and the patterned set from ASOS, and the fruit pattern set from Miss Selfridge.. I guess I will have to give it a day or two and see which ones I prefer after sleeping on it!

So followers, which do you prefer? Which one(s) should I invest in this year? And what kind of swimwear are you after yourselves?

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Cute!!!
    I just came across your blog and I love your style!!!
    New follower, follow back?


  2. great bikinis, i love themmmm!


  3. I'd love to have one of these! And I love your blog in general, so beautiful. :D Following you.

  4. I love retro swim wear, great picks.


  5. I love retro and vintage swimwear; they're so beautiful. Dear, your blog is wonderful. I just love it :))
    xx Iza

  6. Retro swimwear is always a fave of mine, but because of my womanly shape, I love m&s for their swimwear!

  7. i can already feel spring and summer <3 hope to see you follow us back HIMandHER

  8. cute stuffs, i love a retro feel to garments =) thanks for sharing em hun

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  9. The first bikini of all is beautiful!!! Very wanted! :D

    Have a wonderful week,

  10. As much as I love swimwear, I think I have enough. Mr. A told me not to buy anymore!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Beautiful items, I want retro swimwear myself so badly as well! One like the 5th bikini, with a high-wasted bottom!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  12. Lovely swimsuits and bikinis, sweet florals <3
    would you like to follow each other?