Thursday, 3 May 2012

Home improvements.

This is a bit of first here because I am going to post about some recent modifications to my home environment - obviously you don't have the 'before' pictures for comparison but you can see what I have done now.. It sounds a lot more impressive than it is, so please bear in mind that I am a student, living at home with my parents and only in control of my actual room, and only in so far as I can put new things on the walls. Which is what I have done! Firstly I have used some more of my birthday presents next to my bed..

Yes, I finally got around to hanging up my Kylie autograph because my parents framed it for me for my birthday! I love it, and now the light etc won't make it fade. Perfect. I also got a Breakfast At Tiffany's poster from them - they know me very well, since that is my favourite film and a large part of me wants to be Audrey Hepburn. Lastly, I picked up this Lady Gaga poster myself in town and I adore it. It is from the Monster Ball tour and makes me even more excited for the Born This Way Ball. I really love my wall now that it has three of my icons on it!

As well as putting up some gorgeous pictures I have put up a handy jewellery storage solution - well when I say I, I really mean that I had the idea and my dad made it and installed it..

For years I have found that I have so many necklaces that if I store them in a box or anything they just get tangled up and I have to spend hours every week or so untangling them, so I tried to come up with a better way to store them. My idea was this necklace rack - yes, it makes my room look a little bit like a shop I will admit, but it really does keep them separate. It also makes it really easy to see which necklaces I have, which makes choosing my accessories easier. All it is is one large piece of wood for the backing, a smaller one of the same length for the higher rail and then quite a few cylindrical 'pegs' glued in at a slight angle to keep the necklaces on. I'm not going to pretend to tell you how to make it since I am a complete hazard when it comes to DIY, but anyone who is good at making things should be able to knock one up.

And those are my highly exciting home improvements - it may not seem like much of a difference but they really do make my room a lot more "me", and the necklace rack is incredibly useful and practical.

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. those posters are a great inspiration!
    xx s

  2. Looks great! I love the GaGa poster and the way you put up your necklace, it's so creative

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  3. love these so cute!

  4. I love how you organised your necklaces, I should really do that too because mine get super tangled and I end up not wearing them because it's such a hassle having to untangle them. I love the posters too :) xx

  5. I love it! I'm in the process of some room-revamping as well! I will definitely use some of your ideas. I love the quirky decorations at UO. P.S. I love your blog so much and I'm really trying to get mine off the ground; I was hoping you might be interested in promoting each other! I've given you a few shout outs and I promise it's totally fine if you say no and I won't send you hate mail or stop religiously reading your blog!

  6. I really liked your ideas and the result in your room :)

    I'm following now your blog!

    Kisses from Portugal*

  7. Lovely blog.

  8. Great choices in pop culture wall art! I think you're right on track to some fine home improvement/decor.