Thursday, 24 May 2012

Getting a little patriotic.

Okay, okay, normally I don't get swept up in these kind of events, and I can safely say that 'royal fever' hasn't struck me down before. Last year, I was so sick of the royal wedding between Wills & Kate that I was ecstatic to be on holiday on the day, and only really cared about who designed Kate's dress (McQueen was definitely the right choice). However, I truly believe that one of the biggest events this year (other than the 20120 Olympics in London) is the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. She has been on the throne for 60 years now, and in my opinion doing a fabulous job. Her and the entire monarchy are a British establishment that we should all be proud to still have, and there is something exciting about having a woman as a ruler too.. Not to mention a rather stylish one at that!

Yes, my latest style icon is possibly an unlikely one, coming in the form of our very own Queen Elizabeth. She may be getting older, but her style remains impeccable - she is never over or under dressed, she always accessorises perfectly, and probably has the largest collection of hats the world has ever seen. Elizabeth also manages to work in new-season colours, and there probably isn't a shade on the planet that she hasn't pulled off beautifully. 

From the start of her reign, she ruled in style..

In her early official photographs the Queen looks gorgeous, and never OTT. Of course, the crown is the perfect accessory, but in the second photo I am in love with her necklace and that stunning off the shoulder dress.

The bows on this dress are super-cute, and she is already showing her penchant for pearls..

This outfit is simply perfection - retro glamour at its finest. The lace looks simply beautiful, and her regal accessories of elbow length gloves, a parasol, and one of her many hats are the perfect complements. If I could wear this dress now, I so would.

Don't even get me started on her wedding dress. That train is simply breathtaking - Elizabeth is doing nothing by halves!

The vintage Elizabeth looks may be totally gorgeous, but the modern day ensembles are pretty spectacular too..

Only a queen could pull this off, and Elizabeth definitely does! That crown is the perfect accessory, and I love the cosy fur trim on this silver gown.

And the journey through Her Majesty's colourful wardrobe begins.. Seen sans hat for once, this outfit is anything but dull. Perfectly combining pink and red, which should completely clash, Elizabeth looks bright and beautiful here.

The Queen has an amazing collection of coats, as well as the complementary hats, and I love this one in particular. The red trim and buttons are so cute, and the feathered hat looks pretty darn stylish. She has accessorized well with soft black.

I am actually pretty jealous of this cape trench, it is a complete style classic and pretty effortlessly chic for a rainy day.

Severe style kudos goes to anyone who can pull off lime green, and the queen has definitely gone up in the style stakes by working this tricky hue.

I love the detailing on this matchy-matchy monochrome ensemble.

Royal blue is the perfect colour for Her Majesty to wear as she greets the troops, and this flattering coat is gorgeous.

Sporting an incredibly du jour paisley print suit, Elizabeth looks bold and bright again here. This Queen is far from boring, and will never fade into the background!

A good cherry-red ensemble is all Elizabeth needs to look stylish on or off-duty, and I actually really like her hat here. The carbon black accessories are timelessly chic, especially when paired with red.

Dressed perfectly for a sunny day, this light pastel blue is again very du jour, and the white gloves keep the entire look light.

This powder blue spring coat is incredibly stylish right now - pastels are a key trend for SS'12. There is no denying the fact that this monarch is a style queen too! That hat is quite cutting edge with the black feather, but the soft blue flower keeps it suited to the prim coat.

Who could forget the Queen's pale-yellow ensemble at Wills & Kate's wedding? In a stronger yellow this would have been blinding, but the soft hue means it is perfect. Pastel yellow is another gorgeous SS'12 shade so Elizabeth was ahead of the trends. I love her light white accessories and nude courts that keep this look fresh and oozing springtime chic.

And finally, this is our Queen's official diamond jubilee portrait. In my opinion she looks simply glorious - what better way to celebrate your diamond jubilee than wearing a dress that looks like it is encrusted in them? 

I am sorry if this post is a little long/picture-heavy, I hadn't quite anticipated how carried away I would get looking at the Queen's ensembles! I am now eagerly awaiting the Diamond Jubilee for the chance to celebrate her years on the throne - how about you, readers? Do you like the monarchy? As far as I'm concerned, God Save The Queen! There is one thing I am still ridiculously curious about though. What exactly does she carry in her handbag?

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Hey :)
    wow u teached us alot in this post.
    it's really good. Elizabeth aways stunning :D

  2. I loved to read this long (:P) post. You talked like probably most of the British feel about their queen. :)

    Ps. - You are going to Montmartre while I'll be there (London) for the Olimpics, haha!

  3. The queen certainly always looks perfect, she always dresses nicely for the occassion.

    I like the queen, she seems to work hard & she's very respectable. xo

  4. I seriously love this post!
    she is so elegant and classy!
    I hope I am just like that!