Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Examined in style.

I had an exam today. On like the sunniest day so far - it's typical! But on the plus side, history is over for this year. And I don't even think it went too badly. Only 3 to go now, thank goodness. I did get the morning off to sunbathe though, so it's not all bad. And then when I finally had to make myself presentable to the world I finally got to go out sans tights - summer is officially here. For at least a few days.

Shirt & Skirt - River Island; Shoes - New Look; Necklace & Ring - Topshop; Cuff - H&M; Wishbone Bracelet - Accessorize.

Like I said, I triumphantly got my pale-as-a-tissue white legs out today to celebrate the sun, wearing my gorgeous cherry print skirt to add a bit of fun to an exam day! I didn't get carried away though, pairing it with my light-wash denim shirt. Coloured and printed denim may be very du jour, but this pale-blue shirt is an old favourite of mine and is so much more summery than any dark denims. I then added a statement necklace, bright wedges and some gold jewellery, with quite minimal makeup for me and voila, my pick-me-up look for the exam was complete. Oh, and throw in my photo-bombing little cat too.

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Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I love your skirt, the print is so pretty and goes so well with your denim shirt :). I hope that your exam went well xo


  2. It is fantastic to visit a site like this full of good ideas.

  3. that skirt is sooo cute! i love polka dot stuff :)
    about your question to follow each other. i already follow u on GFC, now i add u on bloglovin'too #14 :) so...
    but u r more then welcome to follow me back :)


  4. Great blog! Would you like to follow each other?

    Let me know on my blog :)

    Kisses from Spain!


  5. Oh, your skirt is so adorable! :)

    - Victoria

  6. this look is so cute! im also taken aback when i see my own pale legs exposed at the first days of summer hahha


  7. Amazing skirt, it's so cute! And it looks great with the blouse, so sixties

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  8. so cute look Tara!!love your skirt!!
    xoxo dear=)