Monday, 30 April 2012

Down the rabbit hole.

Yes, that was the theme of my 18th party - it was a joint one with another friend, and we both adore Alice in Wonderland so.. Naturally we told all our friends to come a little bit 'down the rabbit hole' and dress for a bit of a Mad Hatter's tea party. Of course, since it was an 18th party the only way to describe it is going to be 'amazing', 'insane' and 'messy'. I love my friends lots, and there are some amazing photos up on my facebook, but honestly, you lovely fashionable people checking out my blog just don't need to see me looking my least attractive.. You'll be seeing the early on photos. First of all here is what I wore..

Dress - D&G; Shoes - New Look; Bracelet - Pandora; Rings - Vivienne Westwood & Ebay; Crown - made by a friend.

If you can't quite tell, I am meant to be the Red Queen, but a slightly more fashionable version. Okay, okay, so in reality I was just desperate to wear my D&G dress and found a way to work it in with some gorgeous new red shoes, a crown that one of my friends made for me years ago and I still have, plus some red lipstick and a little heart on my cheek (a la Marina Lambrini Diamandis). Honestly, this dress is so gorgeous I can barely believe I own it, so there was no way I was not going to wear it on my 18th! I am now even more determined to keep it forever because it is super-comfortable, actually really good for dancing and will be in style perenially.

Here comes a few of the photos of the night - the good ones that my friends and I won't mind having put on a *fashion* blog!

The incredible cake the other birthday girl made!
Little face cakes that I made.
Holly, Ashleigh, Sammie, me, Alison & Reiss.
Me & Lottie as red queens.
Sammie & Alison.
Clare, Tristan & Sherri.
Martha, Claire, Jenni & Lucy.
Me & Jenni.
Me & Ashleigh.
The hangover-cure breakfast (just toast for me actually).
The carnivores' pile of grease.
The mess we were faced with.
Looking fresh as daisies in the morning, of course.
Anyway, that was my party and it was brilliant fun, I absolutely loved it. It feels so good to be 18 - grown up at last. I hope everyone else had as much fun as me, and that Alison's parents are still speaking to her. Being 18 is a big deal in England, because it is basically becoming an adult and I will admit that being able to vote is scary.. But as one of my birthday cards said "You may be an adult now.. but it doesn't mean you have to act like one!", and I intend to.

Not to drag this whole birthday thing out for too long, but tomorrow I will post my haul of presents (finally!), including those from my family, friends and even my little treats for myself that I picked up at the weekend, while being talked in to getting a Topshop store card..

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Happy belated birthday, dear! Such a fun little party theme and that dress is absolutely stunning. Gave you a birthday shout out on Style Splice, can't wait for the next post!

  2. such a cute theme! and of course you are entitled to make the theme or dress the way however you want- it's your bday! :P and that dress really is stunning. happy belated bday! seems like you guys had a ball!

  3. that's such a cute birthday theme! looks like funnnn

  4. ouh that's a happy time...i love that cake! and the words sayin "eat me" hehe

    theres a free gift in my blog, come on and take it if you like ;)

  5. aww happy birthday hun =) looks like you had MAD FUN, thanks for sharing the pics ^^

    love from the NANA girls xoxo