Monday, 9 April 2012

Star Style Obsession - Marina Diamandis

I haven't done a style obsession post in what feels like forever, there has just been too much going on! But since I have gotten most of my planned posts up and shared with the world (well, the small part of it that actually reads what I write), I decided to talk about a girl that I am seriously loving right now.

You know I like a bit of eccentricity in my fashion, and for that reason I can't resist someone who dares to be different and play around with their look - no wonder I am getting a bit of a girl crush on Marina. It's not just the fact that I adored her first album 'The Family Jewels' and am waiting with baited breath for 'Electra Heart' to be released, with Prima Donna on repeat, I adore her image too. She has always stood out from the crowd, with a really individual, retro-inspired style and is always experimenting with colour and print. Marina doesn't always get it right, but that's part of fashion! Whatever she wears, it is always gorgeous, playful and completely unique.

Cerca The Family Jewels Marina was a brilliant brunette, and I loved her style back then, so here are some oldies..

I love bright colour, and will forever be in awe of someone who can make pink and red work together. This is so eye-catching and bold, and I especially like the way she has matched her pink lipstick to that gorgeous dress. The little gloves remind me of a 1980s Madonna - in the best way possible.

Usually I am not a playsuit girl (I'm not sure why, I just dislike them), but I can't get over how well Marina has styled hers. The actual playsuit has a cute, soft, retro feel with that little collar, yet she has successfully transformed it with a tough leather jacket and some tie-dye neon accessories. Yet again, this is like the best of the 80s colliding with current trends and a bold beauty look - love it.

This street style look is the epitome of thrown-together chic. Those accessories should logically be competing with each other and not work, but with a dark dress and jacket they all seem to work in an eclectically harmonious way. I am now inspired to break out my floral headbands and quirky sunglasses.. bring on the sun!

Yet more encouragement to put on my statement sunglasses - this electric blue pair is gorgeous on Marina. I love the quirky piano print scarf and American flag bag too, they both make for the perfect festival look. I am not convinced by heels at a festival, but if she can walk on grass in them, kudos.

Recently Marina went blonde, and her style became even more like that of a Hollywood screen siren. I love both of the developments to her look, and slightly wish I was brave enough to go blonde myself.. The retro style I can try to steal. My obsession with vintage Hollywood is growing, and I absolutely love this look. Cream satin can be a tricky one to pull off, but she does it oh-so well, and manages to pull the look into the 21st century by keeping her Marcel-esque waves loose and opting for orange lipstick instead of siren-red.

Looking like she should be hanging out in a 1950s American diner, Marina is practically unrecognisable. I adore this look, from the kitsch round sunglasses to the flared skirt and pink cardigan combo, all the way down to her cute ankle socks with heels. This just oozes 1950s nostalgia and is so cute I don't want to look away.

I adore the faux fur collar on this jacket, it makes for the perfect mix of retro and modern, especially when teamed with vintage-style hair, bare legs and gorgeous tan accessories. Her makeup is so sweet too, especially the little heart under her eye - I would look foolish, yet she just looks cute.

More cuteness coming your way, courtesy of Marina Diamandis. This baby-pink lace fit-and-flare dress hits the vintage Americana trend head on, and is perfectly accessorized with a sweet bow and nude courts. Once again her blonde bombshell hair and retro makeup complements her dress beautifully - oh, what I would give to have her wardrobe, looks and style.

The thing that really put Marina on my mind at the moment however was her latest video, for Prima Donna. In it she is if possible even more retro-fabulous, in a variety of 1950s style attire, working the camera to perfection.

These are some of my favourite stills from the video - the outfits are gorgeous and kitsch, as is her hair and makeup. I just keep watching it! Now here is the actual video.. Tell me what you think of her image, and the actual song?


So now I hope you can see why I am loving Marina and her style right now. She is deliciously original with her look, and her playful approach to accessorizing captivates me. I also love the way her image has evolved and grown up as she does, into a glamorous 1950s pin up transported to 2012 with a perfect blend of modern and retro. Marina Diamandis is a complete inspiration to me right now, and I hope to be dressing a little more like her as soon as possible!

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. the first, second and eighth are the most beautiful inspiration for attire! Like your blog sweetie ;*

  2. Her style is crazy! But I adore the eyelashes. And the baby pink dress is AMAZING! I want it SO bad!

  3. Amazing post dear!
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  4. Great photos :) xx

  5. the shades are super cute <3

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