Friday, 13 April 2012

Fashion Confession.

I'm not sure if I want to own up to this, since the entire fashion universe seems to be in love with it, but..

I don't really get the sports luxe thing.

Yes, I understand that since trends are predicted over a year in advance, the major events of the year they are style-casting provide inspiration, and looking at 2012 there is only one thing on everyone's minds.. But it still shocks me how the London Olympics have created not only a look, but possibly the biggest trend of the year. In every magazine I read at the moment there is sportswear screaming out at me, and I cannot make myself like it. As a self-confessed fashion victim I want to be all over the hottest trends like a rash, but I just won't be working this one.

Maybe it is because I spent about 8 years of my life in leotards and tracksuits as a gymnast that those kinds of apparel hold no appeal to me, except the potential nostalgia that envelops me when I throw on my old gymnastics hoodie (in bed, at home, never in public). However many times people tell me that neoprene and sweatshirts can be made to look glamorous, and however many times I see the pictures of the Alexander Wang collection, I can never shake the connotations of some of my most unnattractive moments happening in sportswear. It will forever be associated with either an intense training session, or being literally coated in glittery hairspray at competitions - not really fashionable moments for me to be honest..

It's not that I have anything against other people wearing the look. Kind of like being a vegetarian who doesn't mind her omnivorous friends chowing down on that bacon sandwich within her sensory range, I am happy to say, yes, you wear that neon, neoprene t-shirt or those fitted pants with the sporty stripe down the side, but try and force me to wear them and there will be trouble. You can make it out of the best quality fabrics, in the hottest SS'12 colours, slap a designer label on it and show me ways to make the look work beautifully, and something in me will still resist. I'll be sticking to my uber-prints and super-girlie outfits, thankyou.

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I'm with you here! I do not understand the whole sports luxe thing either!

  2. I agree with you! I remember when I was first going thru and looking at spring 2012 trends i couldn't believe it! No taste for me!

    xO Rachel

  3. thanks for the tag before hun ^^ i do agree with you, I'm no fan of practical sportswear either because I'm a self confessed fancy pants! Thanks for sharing your thoughts darl ^^

    Love from the NANA girls xoxo

  4. Couldn't have said it better myself, love.