Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Anti Tour outfits.

Yes, I am dragging this whole 'I met Kylie and am a crazy fan' thing out a little longer. I'm apparently not content with simply getting near the front of the show on Sunday, meeting her on Monday and then blogging avidly about it on Tuesday, since there is yet more Anti Tour goodness coming your way today on Thursday. 

And yes, I'm well aware I'm currently competing for the crown of Most Inconsistent Blogger as I disappear for days, pop up again and then miss another day's posting.. Nothing huge or exciting happened yesterday, I was just out for longer than I thought and couldn't quite face blogging at 11pm - I'll get back into my daily blogging routine soon, promise!

Anyway, this slice of Anti Tour fabulousness is a lot more fashion-oriented. Anyone who's a fan of Kylie is usually on the edge of their seats trying to work out what she will wear to play a show (I know I was) and for this concert she was suitably toned down...

This was the first Anti Tour outfit, worn for most of the duration of the show. In keeping with the stripped-back, pared-down concert, instead of wearing her usual sequins and feathers Kylie opted for a newspaper-print tee paired with denim hotpants, a black waistcoat, lace body, fishnets and high heels. I personally love this look on her because it meshes casual with glamour seamlessly. I love the newspaper print on her t-shirt because it is actually a story from the 60s about mods and rockers clashing, and it adds a level of interest, while the rest of the outfit simply makes her look stunning. I am actually considering doing something like this myself when it gets warmer..

For the encore Kylie changed into this similar ensemble of pink denim shorts, high black ankle boots, fishnets and a Boy London top. Boy London is having a bit of a revival with celebs like Rihanna sporting their clothes, and they have gone up in my personal estimation since I saw Kylie in this top. I love the pink lettering. But mostly I was a bit crazy over these shorts - I was desperate to find out where she got them and get a pair for myself! That scarf she is wearing is actually a vintage one from one of her old tours, the Enjoy Yourself one way back before I was born.

This is a snap that Kylie herself tweeted after the first Manchester show (the one I went to!), and this is the outfit I saw in the dark from the stage door as she got into her car. It's a perfectly cool, casual post-show ensemble, and I love the kiss-print t-shirt. See, Kylie really is a normal person!

And this, dear followers, is the outfit Kylie was wearing on Monday pre-show, when I met her! Off-duty she really does have a casual, comfortable, effortless sense of style and I love it. I'm going to have to start wearing my denim shirt again, and I must dig out my black skinny jeans! The only thing I disliked about this outfit was the sunglasses - don't get me wrong, they are super-cool but I would have like to have seen her eyes..

Before you think this is just a manifestation of my crazy Kylie obsession (which it might be), here comes the lowdown on what I was wearing on the night of the concert.

Blazer & Earrings - Topshop; Blouse - Blanco; Skirt, Ring & Cuff - H&M; Shoes - New Look; Tights - Primark; Necklace - Accessorize.
Here I am with Becca pre-show, all dressed up and excited. I needed an outfit that would look appropriate for queuing all day, as well as for dancing in a concert all night, so I went for a casual mix of textures, with a black colour base. As I said myself, sequins for Kylie just had to be done, so I wore my sequin miniskirt but dressed it down with my new tropical print blouse, black blazer, tights and wedges. I love the new blouse because it is so summery that I want to be on holiday already, yet the print manages to be versatile. The wedges were a necessary addition - for once heels were practical since I knew I wouldn't be able to see a thing without some added height.

I really loved Becca's outfit for this concert - the dress is totally gorgeous and springlike, and I love the way she toughens it up with fierce heels and layered black tights. I am actually really tempted to steal those shoes...

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Omg Kylie is my ultimate style icon. And i love her looks. I love your outfit too!

    Le Material Girl

  2. lovely work. here you have a new follower, wait u to follow back sweety ^-^.