Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Unexpected mini-haul.

I wasn't really supposed to be going shopping yesterday, or at least not actually buying much. That's because as college draws to an end I need to be saving up to fund my time jetting around Asia (aka my gap year) and putting some money away for university - neither of which are happening now. At the moment I seem to be investing heavily in my wardrobe. I am honestly going to try cutting back the spending a little, and yesterday doesn't count. I didn't actually spend that much, and I got some gorgeous stuff.

The first thing I was drawn to was the new Maybelline Spring/Summer collection, after seeing a video on youtube from one of my favourite bloggers, Anna Saccone. She got to experiment with loads of items from the new collection and her positive review really made me keen to buy some things. Check out her blog and watch her vlogs on youtube under the name TheStyleDiet.

First of all I picked up some gorgeous new nail polishes. On the left is Maybelline Express Finish in Turquoise Green which fits in really well with the 'Under The Sea' trend with that stunning iridescent colour. On the right is Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Ceramic Blue, perfect for the pastel hues trend that I am in love with right now. These are both new shades and I can't wait to get them on my nails.

Next up is one of their new Popsticks lipsticks in Cherry Pop. By now you must have noticed that I am a sucker for a good lipstick, and after seeing how cute these Popsticks were I just had to have one. I tested them all out in the shop, but I found the others a little too light - I am a fan of really bright, pigmented lipsticks personally, and Cherry Pop came out the brightest.

The last of the makeup haul is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in Eternal Gold. This one came highly recommended by Anna Saccone and in the store it was the one that caught my eye the most. I am really keen to see if this stunning colour really will last for 24 hours, because if it does this will become one of my favourite beauty products.

After stocking up my beauty bag I went into New Look, which is always dangerous territory for my bank card, and ended up being caught by a few pieces..

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous cream chiffon sleeveless shirt. I have said many times that I buy too many shirts, but they are just so versatile! This particular one is ideal for SS'12 because it will go with absolutely everything, and will be light enough to wear in the middle of summer, as well as being a perfect layering piece for the colder days. The cost-per-wear on this shirt is going to be ridiculously low..

I was completely entranced by these Art Deco style earrings by Roam, on sale in New Look. For such a reasonably priced pair of earrings, they look very classy and chic. It's probably no secret that I am getting completely obsessed with the golden age of Hollywood, from the 1920s to the 1960s and these costume-jewellery style earrings are straight out of the jazz age.

Okay, while I love the unashamed glamour of the golden era of Hollywood, the child in me simply cannot resist a good flower headband. These New Look headbands instantly make me think of hazy summer days with blue skies overhead and bare feet in the grass.. The smaller yellow one seems more festival-appropriate, whereas the large rosebud headband is reminiscent of some of Lana Del Rey's 1950s video incarnations, and I love them both. A friend asked me recently if I would be breaking out the floral headbands again this summer, and the answer is a resounding yes.

The last items in this mini-haul are actually just more indulgence - I decided that now would be the right time to treat myself to some new underwear, so I hit the Ann Summers sale.

These two bras come from the Knickerbox line at Ann Summers and are possibly now the prettiest ones I own. I love the purple one with the peacock print because it is just so cute and girlie, whereas the black leopard print one is more fierce (and no I didn't just buy that one because it was called The Bardot Bra). It's almost a shame that these beauties are going to be covered up and hidden by my clothes all the time..

And there you have it, my slightly eclectic mini-haul! I love all of my buys because they are just so summery, and are making me long for the days of sunshine again.. On a slightly less fun note, if I get a bit lax and lazy with blogging in the weeks to come it is because exam season is nearly upon me and it is time for crazy revision to take over my life.

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. wear the nice bras under your new sheer shiffon shirt.... problem solved! did you buy anything else from ann summers ;) haha xxx

  2. Love that gold eyeshadow...can't wait to see how you wear it :)


  3. The lippy looks like a lovely shade, i need to treat myself to some new lipstick! x

  4. Fabulous finds! I love the lipstick and the bras. SO pretty mazing blog girl!

  5. i don't really use Maybelline but those two products look really promising! xo

  6. oh my goodness those bras a re so cute!
    dang i am so jealous!!
    p.s. you were nominated for award on my blog!

  7. Beautiful earrings! :)

    - Victoria