Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A different girl every day.

I am definitely getting out of my blogging rhythm.. But I have a fair excuse. Yesterday evening I was doing the second part of my Passplus course, which will hopefully save money on my car insurance, and we got back so late that I decided to go straight to bed and not do any of the things I probably should have! So today will be a double outfit post (aren't you lucky!), with yesterday's look as well as today's..

So yesterday I was informed that the weather for the day was going to be stormy, windy, rainy and generally terrible. Most people, upon hearing this, would have reached for their coats, boots and umbrellas before setting foot outside. But not me.

Blazer - Bershka; Dress - ASOS; Shoes & Tights - Primark; Bracelet - Pandora; Rings - Yumi, Topshop & Accessorize.

I dressed in the exact opposite of a storm - namely this season's super-sweet pastels! They all compliment each other so well, why not wear them all together? Colour blocking has been a trend for quite a few seasons now and it used to be all about brights, but now it is seriously cool to look like you were dragged through a sweet shop backwards in gorgeous pastel shades. I am loving these sugar-sweet colours, especially mixed together. I pulled together my favourite pastel pieces - a peach blazer, powder-blue dress and mint shoes - and love the result. This look is probably too feminine and sickly for some, but I am a real girl's girl so I love anything like this!

Today's look wasn't quite so girlie, but that doesn't mean I played it safe either..

Blazer - ASOS; Blouse - Blanco; Jeans & Cuff - H&M; Shoes - New Look; Necklace - christmas present from parents; Ring - Miss Selfridge.

Since today was a half day, I opted for something that I would call minimal effort. Most people would probably say I was still dressed up, but I am wearing jeans! I also decided to dress for the summer again with a tropical print - if I could just dive right into that pattern and onto a beach I would! Just excuse the slightly awful picture - this was taken after I got home, feeling a bit like a drowned rat from getting rained on. Hence my awkward little pose, and the fact my feet are cut off..

So here are two different outfits that all emanate from my wardrobe - I love the way that I can dress up completely differently day in day out. Especially this season when there are so many trends on the go, it is just oh-so-easy to indulge every side of your personality with a different outfit. 

Love and kisses, Tara xox


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  2. its amazing how you can look so different (: xx

  3. I really love your blog dear!
    Keep posting!!


  4. Love these cute looks! So lovely!

  5. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
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  6. Oh freakin weather always messing with our lovely summer outfits that we are anxious to wear, haha! All the stores are full of summer clothes and it's raining all over Europe, snif! Well at least you look amazing! :D

  7. lovey looks dear!love the 1º blazer!!so cute!!