Saturday, 14 April 2012

Bits & pieces.

Here is the perfect example of how completely scatter-brained and slapdash I am getting in pretty much every area of my life (I am blaming exam-season pressure) - this post is a bit of a random one compiled of odds and ends that I had every intention of blogging in the last few weeks and just didn't get around to. I kind of feel like it would be better to leave these things un-blogged, but the perfectionist in me with her mild OCD is insisting that I catch up, and catch up now. And to be fair, it is bothering me a little.

So first up is a random little purchase I made in Topshop sometime last week..

These gorgeous neon-pink hotpants were such a bargain for Topshop and they caught my eye as soon as I walked in to the store! I literally could not resist them. I adore the bright colour, which will be perfect for injecting a bit of summer into my wardrobe from now on. Also, how much do they look like Kylie's encore shorts from the Anti Tour? These are quite similar to a pair of raspberry shorts from Topshop that I already own, which is why I didn't even have to try them on to know they would suit me. Cannot wait to break these out, probably with tights for now..

Next is this cute hairclip that I picked up in Primark for some ridiculously cheap price. This probably means the quality is iffy at best, but I just wanted a different way to style my hair up and if it doesn't work I won't feel bad about wasting money this way. If the heat ever properly kicks in I will need new ways to put my hair up and this clip is super-cute. I love the scalloped edges and the vintage-style floral print. If this works out for me, I think I'll be getting some more of these!

Now I'm continuing my Kylie-craze by finally posting photos of the merchandise I bought. I literally fought my way over to the stand to get these, and the pictures have been sitting on my memory card for over a week, unblogged.

Firstly these cute little button badges, I couldn't resist! There were 4 in the set but I actually gave 2 to Becca so we could have some each. 

I got this cute canvas bag because I can always use a good bag for shopping etc. I have already used this several times because it is so roomy - perfect for throwing my things in and going! I don't care if I look like a crazy fan - that's just me.

My last piece of merch was this gorgeous t-shirt, which you have already seen me wearing. I buy a t-shirt from nearly every concert I go to, but this one is one of the only ones I wear in public! I am not usually a tee girl, but I make an exception for Kylie's gorgeous face.

Finally, my last little bit of catching up comes in the form of something even more beautiful than everything so far put together. You remember I got all overexcited because we met Kylie last Monday before one of the shows, and I gave her a letter? Well, I got my signed poster back in the post earlier this week!

We are currently scoping out a frame for this so that the writing doesn't fade, I want to keep it fresh forever! This is now one of my most prized possessions (I'm a bit pathetic aren't I?) and it made me so happy to get it back.

One last piece of news - on September 11th, Becca and I will be at the Born This Way Ball seeing Lady Gaga! This is a week full of good news! I can't wait for this tour, to see the outfits, hear the music, and be inspired by being in the same room as Stefani Germanotta.

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. lovely pictures!
    I especially like the pink short
    im gonna follow you

    are you willing to have a look at my blog as well?


  2. those shorts are gorgeous! the color is so pretty, perfect for spring/summer!


  3. Hey. Great pictures! I follow you & if you like follow me back! :)

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  4. amazing finds! love it all! :) especially that floral clip! too cuteeee! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  5. I love those shorts! :)

    - Victoria

  6. love your choices!

    I feel very honoured and touched by your kind words on my birthday!
    thank you so much for the dedication!
    kisses and have the greatest weekend!

  7. awesommee. you're so lucky that you have an actually topshop store you can go into! I wish one was near me!

    xO Rachel

  8. love your pink shorts dear!!amazing!!and love kylie hehe..